Thursday, February 28, 2008

Movie Guide

At last! After almost three weeks of violent and forgettable movies, Dabawenyos now have better cinema viewing choices. The Water Horse somehow relives the Legend of the Loch Ness Monster. It tells the story of a boy who found an egg who grows up to be the water horse. It is a nice movie for kids and for the whole family. Here's what's showing in Davao Cinemas if you want to watch movies this week:

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep (GP)
NCCC Cinema 1 12:00/2:00/4:00/6:00

SM CInema 1 12:20/14:30/16:40/18:50

27 Dresses PG 13
NCCC Cinema 4 12:00/2:00/4:00/6:00

SM Cinema 5 12:20/14:30/16:40/18:50

My Big Love (GP)
NCCC Cinema 3 12:00/2:00/4:00/6:00

SM Cinema 3 12:00/2:00/4:00/6:00

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Multi Billionaires In Davao City?

I'm warning you, this is a rant. A rant about a few people living in Davao City (although they can also be living in Cotabato, in the United States, HongKong or anywhere in the world that their millions and their fancy takes them) who can live like money is not a problem at all, amidst worldwide poverty.

I am talking of the people who can spend P5,000, P10,000 a day just for their kid's allowance. I am talking about people who can afford to buy expensive shirts, bags and what-have-you's for five of their friends whenever they go to SM City or Manila or even HongKong. I am talking about people who can afford to buy Troopers, Pajeros and other expensive cars for each of their kids, to service then when they go to their schools, shop around or just go around the city wasting diesel at P37 or gasoline at P47 per liter. I wonder why each kid should have a car when a single car can fetch them all at the same time; must be one of the problems of being too rich for comfort.

And I am not talking about people who sweat their butts off (or typing their fingers away just like me ha!ha!) trying to earn an honest living. I am talking about people who do not work hard at all, some do not even work at all. I am talking about people in government whose legal salaries can be estimated at only P20k to P25k per month. I am talking about people whose families have been linked to the list of drug lords released by PDEA but have remained FREE and able to enjoy their riches UP TO NOW.

Perhaps, their lives are what drams are made of. Perhaps, we should not send our children to pre-schools (where we spend P30-P40 per year) at all where they will learn to become intelligent but not wise enough to amass wealth when they grow big and strong. Perhaps. we should just train to become drug dealers and drug pushers and drug lords so we can live a comfortable life.

So, you are afraid of the consequences if you get involved in drugs. WHAT CONSEQUENCES? These people are still ALIVE and KICKING and living the good life! Just make sure you get a comfortable position in government and be on top of the distribution channel so you won't get in trouble with the DDS-Davao Death Squad or some other groups killing small time drug users and pushers.

Otherwise, you have to be content eating 3-meals a day (if you're lucky!) of tuyo, eggs, more eggs, cheap chicken or cheap vegetables (although their prices have risen too!), riding jeepneys alongside sweaty passengers (who just like you can only afford P7 for fare) instead of a taxi or even a posh Black Pajero and saving P65 so that you and your child (less the father since he is an additional expense) can watch movies once in a blue moon.

But who said lfe was fair?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cheap Thrills For Dabawenyos At The Newest Carnival In Town

Davao City may be one of the most livable cities in Asia but it lacks family entertainment facilities like the Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna or the Star City in Manila. I am not sure why, despite the prevailing peace and order in the city and the economic boom in the city, an investor has yet to invest in a family entertainment facility in the city.

It is thus not surprising that Dabawenyos are thrilled with the newest, albeit temporary, entertainment facility in Davao. The Carnival right in front of the NCCC Mall has always been filled with people since the first day of its operations. And why not when the whole family can enjoy themselves havign simple fun at reasonable costs.

Entrance to the carnival is at P10 for both kids and adults while each ride costs P15 (whether you are a kid or adult). There are food stalls inside the carnival if you get thirsty or hungry from all the shouting you have to do.

The most in-demand rides are the Roller Coaster (not so high but since it is rarely found in Davao then it's a certified hit among those who want to pay for scaring themselves silly!) and the Scramble (and I did not dare find out why it got its name!). However, you will also have fun with the kids at the Flying Elephant, Amores and the Ferris Wheel. The Horror Ride is a fluke though. Nothing scary there really. In fact, I think the ghosts were more scared of scaring me so they didn't bother at all.

One thing though, someone from City Hall should remind the Carnival operator that Davao City has very strict non-smoking laws. There are kids all over the place (not to mention asthmatics) but the people operating the machines were like part of a whole tribe of Tikbalang who were smoking left and right.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Davao City has 5 Nursing Board Topnotchers; 2 Davao Lady Reporters Passes Board

Davao City has proven one again that it is not only an investment haven but also an educational haven as well. This after five students from various schools in the city made it to the Top 5 of the December 2007 Nursing Board Exam.

Two Davao City lady reporters, Ethel Cantor Constantino (of the National Broadcasting Network) and Girlie Balaba (formerly of ABS CBN) are now full-fledged nurses after passing the Board.

Among the five topnotchers are:
3 Joanna Kaye Binoya Remolar San Pedro College-Davao City 86.80
4 Neil Niño Sugitarios Navarra San Pedro College-Davao City 86.40
6 Richard Baguio Saavedra Ateneo De Davao University 86.00
9 Ayn Portia De Luna Galamgam San Pedro College-Davao City 85.40
9 Mary Lenin Pepito Talisic San Pedro College-Davao City 85.40

Friday, February 22, 2008

Ride A Maligaya Taxi And Get Jollibee Discount Coupons

Dabawenyos can now avail of special Jollibee discount coupons everytime they ride a Maligaya Taxi. This is the newest promo from Jollibee and dubbed as "Jolly Treats For A Ride".

The Jolibee discount coupons consist of paired food and drink items from Jolibee with P10 to P23 discounts. For only P75, you get a Jollibee Spaghetti, Regular Yum plus regular Fries at a discount of P23. get a P10 discount for a choice of Peach Mango Pie and regular softdrink (P25), two Jollibee Spaghetti (P60) and two Yum with Cheese (65). Get two Jollibee Hotdog Classic for only P65 or a savings of P13. You also get a P14 discount if you buy a regular Yum with regular softdrink for only P29. However, you will only be able to avail of these discounts upon presentation of the discount coupons which the Maligaya Taxi drivers will give you.

The taxi drivers themselves will not go home empty-handed because five taxi drivers can win a FREE 1 piece Chicken Joy meal during the weekly raffle draws. Drivers should have their coupon control track number before getting the product discount coupons.

The discount coupons are valid at the following Jollibee outlets: Bolton, Magsaysay, Gaisano Mall, Victoria Plaza, San Pedro, Matina, NCCC Mall and Times Square.

What Is Your Dream Car?

My car is several years old already but it is still as good as new expect for a few maintenance tweaks now and then. The interiors are still clean and new thanks to hard plastic. I find small cars cute but for comfort and practicality, I will always have a bias on vans and wagons. Buying a brand new car is a feat nowadays considering the overall economic state of most Filipinos. But given the chance, I would settle for the new Mitsubishi Fuzion. But I can live with a Ferrari.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Is Federalism The Answer To Mindanao's Woes?

The question "is Federalism the answer to Mindanao's woes" has been asked so many times already and even though Malacañang knows the answer, nothing has been done to give Mindanao a chance to grow economically (READ: MORE BUDGET) and has been relegated by imperial Manila to the oft-repeated tag as the country's bombing and terrorism capital.

With its pineapple, banana and other exports, Mindanao is among the greatest contributors to the country's coffers. However, the budget given to Mindanao is not even a third of the total budget of the country. People have complained time and again about the lopsided distribution of wealth.

Without any success on the Mindanaons quest for Federalism, and even with a Mindanaoan for a Speaker of the House of Congress, Mindanaoans could not expect to get anything more than morsels from Malacañang now, or at anytime.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Is Your Life A Result Of Your Choices Or Is It A Destiny?

Do you believe that you were given the freewill to make your own choices in life and that nothing is destiny? My favorite philosopher, Albert Camus, said that life is the sum of all your choices. I agree with him. However, our choices are subject to our facticities. These are the things that we were born with and which we are not able to choose.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Davao City Council Imitating Congress

Is the Davao City Council imitating the House of Congress?

Is Councilor Bonifacio Militar being booted out as Floor Leader?

These are the questions that hound the mind of Dabawenyos amid last week's rumors that something is brewing at the city council and it is definitely not coffee. This suspicion was confirmed after vice mayor Sara Duterte admitted that Militar hinted he was stepping down as floor leader.

If this is Militar's way of jumping the gun before his colleagues remove him from his post this Tuesday then I admire him for knowing when to fight and knowing when to bow down. However, this does not mean he has lost everything. He is still a member of the city council and still very much needed.

Militar is among the few councilors who are so passionate about what they do. And after councilor Zozobrado died, he is one of those few remaining councilors who can launch a tirade in the middle of any meeting or session just to get things done.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Web Content Writers Wanted

If you are a fast writer with excellent grammar and logic, with Internet access and the ability to meet deadlines then you might want part time work as a Web Content Writer.

This is an Internet-based job that does not require you to wear blazers for work nor leave home and experience the crazy jeep ride. Work from home at your own time but be prepared to meet DEADLINES.

Please indicate in your comments your qualifications and contact details if interested.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Movie Guide

There's nothing really exciting in the movie front this week except perhaps for the scie-fi movie Jumper which tells the story of a boy who discovers his power to teleport and how there are others like him in the same universe.

A teleporter is a technology that allows a person to disintegrate or to disassemble enabling him to travel from one space to another.

Here's the ho-hum movie schedule for this week.

Jumper PG13
SM City Cinema 1 11:25/13:20/15:15/17:10
NCCC Cinema 2 12:25/2:20/4:15/6:10

My bestfriend's girlfriend
SM Cinema 3 12:00/14:15/16:30/18:45
NCCC Cinema 3 12 :00/2:00 /4:00 /6:00

Heartbreak Kid R13
SM Cinema 4 12:20/14:30/16:40/18:50
NCCC Cinema 4 12:00/2:00/4:00/6:00

P.S. I Love You PG13
SM Cinema 2 12:20/14:30/1:640/18:50
National Treasure 2 GP
SM Cinema 5 12:00/14:15/16:30/18:45
John Rambo R13
SM Cinema 6 11:50/13:40/15:30/17:20

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Globe's Very Affordable Landline, Broadband, Laptop Promo

Want a landline, a broadband connection plus an ASUS laptop for only P1,620 per month? Then try the Globe Broadband Sulit Computer Bundle.

I was trying to change my broadband provider as early as last December but unfortunately, Globe's services is still so limited it could not accomodate clients from the city's outskirts. My desire to switch providers was stirred once again when I saw the small laptop being offered by Globe for those who will avail of the Sulit Promo which has a lock-in period of 2 years.

The Asus laptop is not the Asus Eee PC (with 512 MB memory) being shown in their brochures though. The ASUS bundled for the promo is a lower model and retails for about P19,000.

Cockroach For Valentines?

Are you giving your loved ones a heart shape cake this Valentine's Day? Then be careful that you don't get to buy this heart-shaped Valentine's cake from the bakery of one of the leading stores along Matina in Davao City. Unless of course you want an added flavor in the form of a cockroach.

I was looking at the Valentine displays of the said store this morning and was already taking photos when a woman told me "bawal pa naman mag picture dito". I asked her why and she said "kailangan hingi ka muna ng permiso". I saw the cockroach and was able to get a photo even before she called my attention. I can't blame her. If my display is as UNSANITARY as this, I would also be as strict about people taking photos of my "creations".

Now I am wondering if the loaf bread and the other breads I bought from that bakery after doing my groceries are as clean as this.

By the way, you would never expect this store (an all in one store by the way) to have this creepy creature, especially in its bakery. It's a big store, with lots of suki and is locally owned. Got the drift? If you want to know which store you can ask me. I might be tempted to tell you which one. Otherwise, you can compare the photo with the cakes on display in major stores in the Matina area.

Diatabs For Davao City Jail Inmates

The inmates of the Davao City Jail are in need of Diatabs and other stomach medicines after they fell ill due to water-borne diseases. Prison authorities said most of the food brought for the prisoners last Christmas ended up spoiled and it may have caused stomach upset among the prisoners. Visitors are thus encouraged to bring Diatabs and medicines instead of food.

Create A Buzz For Your Business

Do you want to generate awareness about the products or services you offer? Running a Social Survey can be the best way to create a hype about your product, your services and your company. It is also a way to get people's opinion about a certain issues. However, this can be difficult for a small company (or even a bigger one) that does not have the logistics to conduct surveys.

However, there are companies, like DNeero Social Surveys, that can do the work for you. If you want to create your own surveys then contact this blog. We can make things easier and more efficient for you.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Davao Crocodiles Invade Manila

No, you don’t need glasses because you heard it right---crocodiles have indeed invaded Manila. However, the Davao crocodiles that have invaded Manila are not the crocodiles that you have in mind which are already too many in Manila. This time, it’s the real crocodiles that are doing the haunt.

The crocodiles which are now occupying an 11-hectare land formerly occupied by Boom na Boom along Roxas Boulevard in Pasay, were brought by Davao business Sonny Dizon who owns the Davao Crocodile Park. The show is part of the Davao Crocodile Park Roadshow and Wildlife Encounter.

Dizon’s contingent consists of 200 crocodiles, an albino Phyton (is that the yellow one that people are petting in Davao?), an orang-utan, a civet (whose poop is the source of the expensive Kopi Luwak), an alpaca and other animals. Manilenos will have a share of the heart-stopping tightrope walk performed by experienced acrobats over a pond with at least 67 crocodiles waiting for them to fall.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

US Not Free From RP-Style Scandals

Even a highly developed and said to be politically mature country like the United States has been spared from similar scandals that have hit the Philippines in the past. How about the Monica Lewensky scandal that rocked US President Bill Clinton's morality? Similarly, the several women linked to former President Erap Estrada as well as the linking of socialite Baby Arenas to former President Fidel Ramos have rocked their presidency.

The dismissal of eight American attorneys which led to the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales also has a similar ring to the resignation of various heads of office in the Philippines after they were rocked with scandal.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Is The "Crying Lady" The Key To PGMA's Impeachment?

If the crying lady led to the non-impeachment of Erap (due to the walk-out instigated by Joker Arroyo and followed by Justice Davide himself) but nevertheless to his being booted out of office, will the "Crying Lady" as described by Presidential chief legal counsel Sergio Apostol when referring to ZTE scam witness Jun Lozada be the key to the impeachment of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo?

Arroyo's credibility has been constantly suffering from the several major issues hurled against her husband First Gentleman Mike Arroyo, her husband's family and even her own sons. The latest blow to her already diminishing "ganda points" to the Filipino masa (although they may not fully understand the issue) is the alleged manipulation of the ZTE deal.

Several months ago, news about the stay of First Gentleman (maybe this tag should be changed to something that better signifies his reputation) in Burj Al Arab, Dubai's most expensive hotel (the cheapest rate is equal to P70,000 per day) raised a few eyebrows and a lot of clenched fists. Reports has it that the president also stayed in the same hotel during her visit to Dubai last January.

With all these money, billions of pesos going around town, is it safe to say that the Philippines is not poor at all? Merely corrupted?

Friday, February 8, 2008

Tips For Multilevel Marketing

A lot of Dabawenyos have started a networking business with the hope of making it big someday. Not just Dabawenyos though because even residents of other cities and even other countries are looking at the possibility of leaving their 8 to 5 jobs and go into the networking business fulltime.

Network marketing is a profitable business venture especially if you know how to market your products. It has made a lot of people independent and a lot richer both financially and experience-wise. But what if your close network of friends dry out? Where would that take you?

If you are into network marketing then the book "Guerrilla Multilevel Marketing" can be your best bet to financial freedom and business success. With a hundred guerilla tactics that are all low-cost, you now have a chance to grow your direct selling business. The best time to take a look at what the book has to offer is now since they are offering a free excerpt of the book at Network Marketing Leads.

If you are like most people, you started your direct selling business without the essential business and marketing background that will help you take your business to the next level. Hopefully, after reading this book, you will know the next steps to take once you have exhausted your warm market.

Mar Roxas For President?

Stumbled upon this blog “Oras Na, Roxas Na MAR ROXAS”, campaigning for the purportedly presidential candidacy of senator Mar Roxas in 2010. I am not sure if this blogger is doing it on his own (although he has a disclaimer on his site) or this is included in Roxas camp’s political strategy but watch out for his blog as it may just deliver what it purports to do---put Roxas in Malacañang.

I had the chance to accompany the senator during his trips even before he became a senator and I think even before he became the DTI secretary. As Lapanday’s external affairs manager, I was tasked to the entertaining task of being his school bus. He was a very important guest in the city since he is a good friend of my former boss, Cito Lorenzo (another decent by tough guy if you ask me).

So armed with my L200 pick white pick up I fetch Mar from the airport whenever he was Davao and then bring him to where he was supposed to go. I think that was his first or second time in the city of durian. He’s a very nice man though, not the usual politician you’d expect. But that was several years ago and I’m not sure if he has changed since then.

2000 EC Up For Grabs At PostOnFire

Put your post on fire! This tagline caught my attention when I stumbled on this blog. New blogs or even old blogs without lots of traffic can benefit from becoming a member of PostOnFire. By becoming a member of this social networking site, you can submit your blog posts to the site and have the chance to get as much traffic from the site visitors.

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To get this, write a review about PostOnFire with a link to the site and that's it. Contest runs from February 1 to 24. Winners will be chosen randomly on February 25.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

DCWD Get's Ire Of Councilors For Delay In Bago Oshiro Water Project

Councilor Rachel Zozobrado expressed her disappointment and irritation over Davao City Water District’s failure to inform the concerned government offices about the P11,839.70 disinfection fee which caused a one year delay in the implementation of a water project in Sitio Cebuda, Bago Oshiro this city.

Both Zozobrado and councilor Bonifacio Militar of the Committee on Rules (who presided over the committee hearing) criticized DCWD for prejudicing the right of the people to have potable water.

It can be recalled that Zozobrado lashed against the Bureau of Plant and Industry during her privilege speech at the city council last week for causing the delay in the last and final stages of the project just because of its contention that installing a main water line in the barangay will only encourage more squatters in the area.

The project, which would have provided water to at least 120 residents in the area, was funded through the Annual Development Fund of former councilor Jesus Zozobrado. However, it suffered a setback in 2007 when DCWF refused to conduct hydrotesting for the project (which was already 90% completed at that time) until the problem with BPI has been resolved.

The hydrotesting kink has been resolved but a year after that, not even one drop of water has come out from that main water line. And this time, it is because of the disinfection fee being demanded by DCWD.

Engineer Rosendo Almonte, chief of DCWD’s Planning and Design Division, said they cannot process the work order until the P11,839.70 disinfection fee is paid. He said the contractor has been informed about it during the hydrotesting but admitted that such requirement was not included in the project design which DCWD prepared and was therefore not included in the contract price.

“Ngano wala man naapil ang disinfection fee sa project design na gigamit pag compute sa project cost, na naapil man gain ang hydrotesting fee,” Zozobrado said.

Almonte admitted that DCWD did not ask payment for the disinfection before but due to the high cost of materials, it has started asking the fee after the project was designed. He added “siguro naa mi mali kay wala man ni naapil sa estimate sa project cost.”

Zozobrado said she is willing to pay the cost of the disinfection fee provided DCWD commits to completing the project as soon as possible so the people would not suffer from lack of water connection in the area.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Why Nograles Is A Force To Reckon With In Davao Politics?

Speaker Prospero Nograles has often been criticized for placing his name and his face in every project in Davao City. Lately, particularly before the last elections, I noticed how his son Karlo's face has been posted beside the poster of his father or even alone. A barangay hall in Catalunan Pequeño even had a big poster of Karlo proclaiming that it was a Nograles project or something.

Nograles' penchant for displaying his name and face in every project has become a laughing matter in Davao and it has become an irritant. However, if you look at it another way, suffering from nightmares out of seeing his face and name everywhere is better than suffering from the nightmare of voting for a politician who do not have projects at all. So where did their pork barrels go?

Local politicians and even his constituents even smirk about the eeny-weeny firetrucks of Nograles but after reading Cito Beltran's column saying "if the narrow roads in the country prevent the fire department from responding to fire emergencies then why not get small firetrucks that can go inside these roads?", you will immediately think of Nograles' funny firetrucks.

A lot of basketball courts in the barangays have Nograles' yellow and blue plywood banners. Some barangays boast of gyms courtesy of Nograles. Others complain about his unfinished roads but are nevertheless enjoying its use.

So he uses his projects to advertise himself or maybe to boost his image or satisfy an insecurity. Whatever. If there's one thing that can lead to the downfall of Nograles, it is not his politicking or his posters. It is the people behind him who have started acting like jerks even before he became a Speaker.

It's a given. All politicians are corrupt, they differ only in intensity. Given a choice, would you prefer a politician who provides projects for his district but advertises such a fact or a politician who do not have projects at all?

Be the judge.

IZEA Is Giving Away $1,000 For Blog With Top 1 RealRank

I just checked with Blog Ranks and davaodateline has a real rank of 2,204. Not bad if you think I've been blogging seriously (and not even full time since my priority is to provide content for several client blogs). Maybe if I spend more time tweaking this blog I can get to the Top 1,000 soon.

The page rank is courtesy of IZEARanks, by the way. The site is fairly new and with Google's tantrums, it has a lot of potential to lead the ranking rat pack. To show it is serious in what it does, IZEA is giving away $1000 for every week in January to blogs that get the Top 1 RealRank.

It's fairly easy to sign up. After that, you need to copy and paste a javascript code so that they can monitor your RealRank or your site's visitors. No need to fear about getting a Google hit if you put this code on your site though.

I never cared for ranks before for as long as I provided good content for my readers. However, achieving a higher page rank is important if you want to be abel to monetize your site. And that's my goal for this year.

With IZEA, It's going to be easy monitoring my page views and visitors after all.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Pitiful Sight?

It's time to collect my dues. Speaker of the House Jose de Venecia is unkonwingly saying this when he ranted during yesterday's Congress about the many things he did for President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo even before she became secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

De Venecia said he was behind Arroyo when she begged him to take her in as his vice presidential candidate during the 2008 elections. He begged former President Fidel V. Ramos to also endorse Arroyo during that time. He was also responsible for asking former President Joseph Estrada to make her DSWD secretary.

And now, de Venecia's days as Speaker of the House are numbered and Arroyo is not doing anything about it. De venecia is a master politician. He should know that in politics, there is no such thing as "utang na loob", only personal interests.

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Blue Jeans And The Rebel In Each One Of Us

Blue jeans might be your favorite clothing wear for its comfort and durability. However, do you know that it used to be a symbol of protest among American teenagers sometime in the 1950s?

We are living in a modern world but there are still some restriction due to society's norms and our very own culture. The next time you feel like being a non conformist, wear your blue jeans! Who knows, they might just get the message.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Will Nograles be The First Mindanaoan Speaker Of The House?

It's barely three hours before Monday, February 4, 2008---a day when Mindanao might finally be given the chance to boast of having its very first Speaker in the House of Congress.

Davao City 1st District Representative Prospero Nograles could be having sleepless nights trying to muster 120 votes to outseat Speaker Jose de Venecia.

While not all politicans like Nograles personally and professionally, he might be the only chance Mindanao has of getting that very important seat which can spell boom not only to Davao but to the whole island of Mindanao in terms of project and budget allocation. However, there is doubt as to the cohesiveness of the Mindanao bloc.

Davao City 3rd District Representative Isidro Ungab said they have agreed to vote for a Mindanaon if the speakership post is declared vacant. The Lower House has 239 members so 120 votes would mean the Speakership. Rumors has it that Nograles has already gathered the support of a hundred people.

Nograles said he is not a traitor because he has supported de Venecia all the way. However, a lot of people have offered him the position if it is declared vacant and it would be stupid and impratical not to accept it. "It is something that needs to be done," he said.

Duterte To Adarna: Secure Place Or Close Shop

"Secure your area or close shop", was the message of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to Queensland owner and President Teodorico Adarna. Duterte was however referring to the construction of Queensland Davao Baywalk and not the motel itself.

The Baywalk got the ire of local councilors and even the Philippine Reclamation Authority for the latter's reclamation project along Matina Aplaya without the necessary permits. The area has been declared a reclamation area as early as 1950s. The councilors are also blaming Adarna for incidents of drowning and stabbing within the area.

However, Duterte said the city government is willing to help Adarna get the necessary permits since a lot of Dabawenyos are benefitting from the project. He said Baywalk has provided Dabawenyos a place to relax for free. Families have made Baywalk a favorite destination since it presents a great view of the coastline. The Baywalk's windy atmosphere aside, Dabawenyos frequent the area more often now after Adarna introduced other features like a small zoo and a mini pool with sharks.

Duterte said he will not present any objection if the national government asks him about the city's stand on giving a permit to Queensland's Baywalk. However, Adarna has to get the necessary permits as well as provide security to the area. Or else, it will be closed down, Duterte said.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

How To Increase Traffic To Your Site Without Any Effort

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Disclosure policy

Friday, February 1, 2008

Disability Not A Deterrent To This 4th Asean ParaGames Winner

Physical disability may hinder one's moves but definitely not one's spirit.

This was proven by Smith Billy Cartera, a 29-year old table tennis player from Davao City who won three bronze medals (doubles -Table Tennis) during the 4th ASEAN PARA Games held in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand from January 20 to 26 this year.

The Asean ParaGames, which was patterned after the Paralympics, is a a biannual event which is held after the Southeast Asian Games. What makes it unique, aside from the fact that all players come from Southeast Asia, is that all the athletes have physical disabilities.

Cartera, who is a first year computer engineering student at the Holy Cross of Davao College, started as a "Basketball on Wheels" player. However, he started practising for the Para Games two years ago under the supervision and support of the Association of Differently Abled Persons (ADAP) Davao Chapter.

Cartera manipulated his wheelchair proudly as he went inside the SP Session Hall last Tuesday to present his medals to the councilors who were so proud of him they pooled P18,000 and gave it to Cartera there and then. Barangay Captain Paolo Duterte also gave P30,000 to Cartera .

He was not always on a wheelchair though. Cartera, who has a one-year old daughter, said he got operated for spinal tumor when he was just 18 years old. It resulted to the weakening of his knees until he could no longer walk and needed a wheelchair in his daily activites.

A lesser man would have given up hope. Not Smith Billy Cartera who has won and who continues to dream on...

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