Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Is Federalism The Answer To Mindanao's Woes?

The question "is Federalism the answer to Mindanao's woes" has been asked so many times already and even though Malacañang knows the answer, nothing has been done to give Mindanao a chance to grow economically (READ: MORE BUDGET) and has been relegated by imperial Manila to the oft-repeated tag as the country's bombing and terrorism capital.

With its pineapple, banana and other exports, Mindanao is among the greatest contributors to the country's coffers. However, the budget given to Mindanao is not even a third of the total budget of the country. People have complained time and again about the lopsided distribution of wealth.

Without any success on the Mindanaons quest for Federalism, and even with a Mindanaoan for a Speaker of the House of Congress, Mindanaoans could not expect to get anything more than morsels from Malacañang now, or at anytime.

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