Sunday, November 10, 2013

Davao sends 60 emergency personnel, P8M to Leyte

photo courtesy of Pil Yong Gogo
Davao City is set to provide a total of P8 million cash assistance and send more than 60 disaster personnel to assist the victims of Typhoon Yolanda in the province of Leyte.

Duterte officially sent off Team A consisting of 50 people to Leyte at 12 midnight Saturday. A convoy headed by Central 911 officer-in-charge Emmanuel Jaldon left Davao midnight and will travel by land to Leyte.

“Naghangyo lang ko sa mga rebelde na ayaw hilabti ang convoy kay para man ni sa mga nanginahanglan sa Leyte (I am begging the New People’s Army rebels not to harm the convoy since they were sent to assist the victims in Leyte),” Duterte said.

Team B which will be headed by Duterte will be leaving for Leyte today (Monday). Duterte said the city will give P2 million to Tacloban, P3 million to Southern Leyte and P3 million to the province of Leyte.

Jaldon said Central 911 has been on standby even before the landfall of Typhoon Yolanda to assist those who will suffer the brunt of the typhoon in the city,. However, he added, we are ready to provide assistance to other areas as per approval by the Mayor.

photo courtesy of GMA's Una Ka Bai!
“Ang Central 911 equipment dili lang kini para sa mga taga Davao; para pud kini sa laing manginahanglan (Central 911 equipment is not only for Davao but also for others who might need it),” Duterte said.

Team A consists of rescue and retrieval operations, medical, engineering, police and military personnel. Some people from The City Social Services Development Office (CSSDO) also joined the team.

Among the Central 911 equipment ready for dispatch anytime according to Jaldon are six rubber boats with a capacity of seven people, two rigid hulls made of fibreboard with a capacity of 10 to 12 people and one kayak with a capacity of two to three people which is being used for immediate rescue needs.

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