Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pacquiao WINS by KNOCKOUT: now the Lighweight CHAMP

Manny Pacquiao's quest to get the four championship titles has succeeded after he knocked out David Diaz in the 9th round. Pacquiao is now officially the holder of four major boxing titles making him the only Asian who has joined three others who were able to achieve this record including Mayweather.

In the middle of his glory, Pacquiao however proved he was just another fan when he asked for a picture taking with Kevin Garnett of Boston Celtics. David Diaz said he will rest for several months and decide which move to take next in his boxing career,

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Davao Medical Center refuses admission to cancer, TB patient

If you don’t have money and you have cancer and tuberculosis don’t go to the Davao Medical Center because the hospital will just throw you out anyway. This seems to be the message imparted by DMC when they refused admission to a patient suffering from Prostate Cancer stage 4 and Tuberculosis.

“Sinabi sa min ng doctor sa Emergency Room na di nila tatanggapin ang pasyente namin kasi wala raw silang facilities para sa kanya at di nila kayang maalagaan ang pasyente dun,” Rizaldy Ancheta, the patient’s brother said. He said the doctor further added that “sa private niyo na lang dalhin yan kahit ilang buwan sya dun pwede.”

The patient, Arnold Ancheta, 64 years old and an employee of the Mindanao Economic Development Council for several years already was brought by the 911 ambulance to DMC. However, barely an hour after the ambulance brought him to this facility, the nurses started removing his dextrose since they are refusing him admission. He was not even brought home by the ambulance but was left to fend for himself, his relatives and his co-employees who were there in the hospital.

Ancheta, who is the sole bread winner of his family, was hoping to get support from the government since he has no more savings left after being in and out of the hospital for years. He was not able to work regularly and normally for months so he had no salary to even buy his prescription thus he was taking basic medications like Biogesic for pain.

“Kaya nga dinala naming sya sa DMC kasi walang pera para ipasok sya sa private---ngayon pati Philhealth benefits hindi nya makuha kasi ayaw siya i-admit ng DMC,” his brother said.

Ancheta has been staying at home for the past months despite his serious condition because they did not have money to bring him to the hospital. However, he requested his family to bring him to DMC since he could not longer bear the pain caused by cancer.

After DMC refused him admission, he had no choice but to return to his rented house, desolate and discouraged that a government employee like him who has rendered years of service to the government could not even be admitted in a government hospital.

Efforts to call DMC administration officer Ric Jostol have been made five times but no one was answering his phone

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ces Drilon, cameraman released by Abu Sayyaf

The release early this morning of ABS CBN reporter Ces Drilon and her cameraman Jimmy Encarnacion as well as Professor Octavio Dimampo was a relief not only to their families but to the Philippine media practitioners as well. Angelo Valderama was released ahead of them several days ago.

Indanan Mayor Alavarez Isnaji's son Jun said nothing was given to the kidnappers except the promise of livelihood projects for their families and the community. The kidnappers earlier asked for a P15 million ransom and even indicated a deadline yesterday morning.

This was not the first time that a member of the 4th Estate was kidnapped by the Abu Sayyaf bandits but this was nevertheless a case in point to show the world why the government could not stifle a small bandits group hiding in a small area like Zamboanga. A lot of people are wondering why the Abu Sayyaf still exists even after the kidnapping and the death of some foreigners who were kidnapped in Patikul, Sulu several years ago. Even the US military was not able to do anything about the Abu Sayyaf despite rumors that they would be hunting down the bandits group. Funny because they were able to get the suspected target of a bombing incident in Davao City right under the nose of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

This incident has one again highlighted how dangerous the job of journalists are. Most journalist, especially those in the provinces (including Davao City) do not have insurance coverage and I wonder if the same earnestness to have the kidnap victims released would be shown had it been a member of the provincial media who was kidnapped and not the high profile media personalities like Drilon etal.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Classes in Davao suspended due to heavy floods

Classes in Davao City public and private schools (elementary and high schools) have been suspended due to heavy floods barely a week after the start of classes. The Office of the City Mayor announced as early as 5AM today the suspension of classes in public schools within the poblacion adn Talomo areas. City Administrator Wendel Avisado said while it may be discretionary on the part of private schools to follow the mayor's directive, the schools usually do so when the situation calls for it.

Matina area is flooded, with the street just in front of GSIS somehow unpassable. Matina Aplaya has knee-high waters already while Acasia Street near Ateneo de Davao in Matina is also flooded. Stella Maris and Ateneo de Davao have declared a suspension of classes.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

RICE MISADVENTURES 2: NBI raids rice warehouse repackaging NFA rice but NFA declares it is authorized

The National Bureau of Investigation raided several warehouses over the week and in one warehouse, they found out that NFA rice is being repacked and repackaged. However, National Food Authority Davao Manager Lorenzo Camayang said it is one of the warehouses of the NFA and is authorized to repack the NFA rice which is intended to be sold to compete and discouraged retailers from increasing the price of commercial rice.

Camayang said the NBI was not aware that the said warehouse was under the NFA. Turns out that NFA could not even properly coordinate with the NBI. Why not just give the NBI a list of the NFA accredited and owned warehouses to avoid bloopers like these in the future--if this is indeed a blooper?

RICE MISADVENTURES: NBI raids 40 rice warehouses, 15 with minor violations

The National Bureau of Investigation reported to the City Council Tuesday that they have inspected 40 rice warehouses of rice retailers in Davao City particualrly in the areas of Uyanguren, Bangoy and Toril. At least 15 of the warehouses raided had minor violations.

Among the violations were:
1. no labels on the packaging or sacks of rice
2. failure to keep a record book of the daily transactions
3. Substandard weight which means each sack is less than the 50 kilos required

NBI said a case has already been filed with the Department of Trade and Industry.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Manila Times Gets Flak From Mindanao Journalists

The June 2, 2008 issue of Manila Times drew flak from various sectors in Mindanao particularly Mindanao journalists who criticizes the paper's portrayal of Mindanao as "strife-torn". This negative portrayal of Mindanao is said to be economic sabotage because even papers with a small amount of credibility (not in reference to the Times) gets to be read by decision makers and businessmen who might change their minds about investing in Mindanao just because of a blurry, much more erroneous and ignorant report.

The questionable article stems from an AFP release published by the Times on the unannounced Zamboanga visit of US Joint Chief of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen. Mullen, who was with US Ambassador Kristie Kenney was accompanied by AFP chief Lieutenant General Alexander Yano when he visited the Edwin Andrews air base just days after a bomb exploded outside a US project office located near the base.

A lot of news organizations have conducted seminars for journalists on reporting about Mindanao. I and several other Mindanao journalists have attended such seminars but I am not aware if the journalists from Manila and other correspondents were also invited or had the chance to attend such seminars in the past. Perhaps Press secretary Jesus Dureza should make this part of his initial project aside from reiterating equal treatment between Manila and provincial media.

Mindanao is an island composed of several regions and cities. Zamboanga itself is composed of several cities, not all of them war-torn as this paper (and other papers for that matter) want to project. Mindanao includes Davao and I believe (as most people agree with) that Davao is safer than Manila so why not call Manila strife-torn as well? I am giving them the benefit of the doubt that maybe, this is not deliberate but can be blamed on ignorance.

Perhaps, an apology or even just an erratum is in order.

Sending money through rural banks now cheaper with blockchain

Sending money anywhere in the Philippines is now a lot easier thanks to the various money remittance centers like Palawan Express, Cebuana ...