Monday, February 19, 2007

Pacquiao for Congress?

I can still remember how life in the Philippines took a standstill during that day when Manny Pacquiao beat Eric Morales in a much-awaited and much-publicized boxing match. Pacquiao was the unifying factor of the whole country. That day, all activities seem to have stopped. Traffic in Metro Manila was miraculously light because all drivers and commuters were inside establishments watching the boxing match. Even the executives of top corporations in the country were cooped up in their air-conditioned offices or mansions with their own 30-40 inch wide flat TV watching Pacquiao sweat it all out. Politicians from both the administration and the opposition were united for a day wishing that Pacquaio would get the belt. The whole Philippines society, the left, right and the middle came together to chant for Pacquaio.

Yes, Pacquiao, that former fish kargador from General Santos City who managed to change his fate 360 degrees because of the power of his "kamao". He was treated like a hero, rather royalty when he came back to the Philippines. I could have argued with that because despite his constant chant that he is fighting for the country, Pacquiao was indeed fighting for P5 million or was it more than that? He was fighting for Pacquiao, Incorporated.

Pacquiao has declared his intention to run for Congressman representing General Santos City. I am from that city and I am already gritting my teeth because of the way the city has deteriorated economically and peacefully every since Mayor Pedro Acharon became top honcho. Gensan used to be a very progressive city. Today, all it has to show are the remnants of bombing activities of still unknown and uncaught perpetrators.

I was planning on going back to Gensan maybe to work there or to start my own business. This despite the poor leadership of Acharon. Well, I was counting on the fact that I would transfer there when he is about to finish his term and there would be a new mayor who would be more adept in managing the city's peace and order just like Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

If Pacquiao wins the election what will happen to Gensan? With Acharon for mayor and Pacquiao for Congressman---Gensan is going to the dogs!

I am against Pacquiao because he is not qualified! The main responsibility of a congressman is to enact laws. How can Pacquiao enact laws when all he knows is gamble his winnings away? One day he losses P300,000 in a billiard match in Davao. Next day he lost P300,000 in a sabong in Gensan.

I am at a lost. Politics in the Philippines is so stupid. Now I’m wondering if I should start packing my bags and getting those forms ready for the Canadian Embassy.

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