Wednesday, February 6, 2008

IZEA Is Giving Away $1,000 For Blog With Top 1 RealRank

I just checked with Blog Ranks and davaodateline has a real rank of 2,204. Not bad if you think I've been blogging seriously (and not even full time since my priority is to provide content for several client blogs). Maybe if I spend more time tweaking this blog I can get to the Top 1,000 soon.

The page rank is courtesy of IZEARanks, by the way. The site is fairly new and with Google's tantrums, it has a lot of potential to lead the ranking rat pack. To show it is serious in what it does, IZEA is giving away $1000 for every week in January to blogs that get the Top 1 RealRank.

It's fairly easy to sign up. After that, you need to copy and paste a javascript code so that they can monitor your RealRank or your site's visitors. No need to fear about getting a Google hit if you put this code on your site though.

I never cared for ranks before for as long as I provided good content for my readers. However, achieving a higher page rank is important if you want to be abel to monetize your site. And that's my goal for this year.

With IZEA, It's going to be easy monitoring my page views and visitors after all.

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[issa] said...

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