Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Globe's Very Affordable Landline, Broadband, Laptop Promo

Want a landline, a broadband connection plus an ASUS laptop for only P1,620 per month? Then try the Globe Broadband Sulit Computer Bundle.

I was trying to change my broadband provider as early as last December but unfortunately, Globe's services is still so limited it could not accomodate clients from the city's outskirts. My desire to switch providers was stirred once again when I saw the small laptop being offered by Globe for those who will avail of the Sulit Promo which has a lock-in period of 2 years.

The Asus laptop is not the Asus Eee PC (with 512 MB memory) being shown in their brochures though. The ASUS bundled for the promo is a lower model and retails for about P19,000.

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