Thursday, February 14, 2008

Movie Guide

There's nothing really exciting in the movie front this week except perhaps for the scie-fi movie Jumper which tells the story of a boy who discovers his power to teleport and how there are others like him in the same universe.

A teleporter is a technology that allows a person to disintegrate or to disassemble enabling him to travel from one space to another.

Here's the ho-hum movie schedule for this week.

Jumper PG13
SM City Cinema 1 11:25/13:20/15:15/17:10
NCCC Cinema 2 12:25/2:20/4:15/6:10

My bestfriend's girlfriend
SM Cinema 3 12:00/14:15/16:30/18:45
NCCC Cinema 3 12 :00/2:00 /4:00 /6:00

Heartbreak Kid R13
SM Cinema 4 12:20/14:30/16:40/18:50
NCCC Cinema 4 12:00/2:00/4:00/6:00

P.S. I Love You PG13
SM Cinema 2 12:20/14:30/1:640/18:50
National Treasure 2 GP
SM Cinema 5 12:00/14:15/16:30/18:45
John Rambo R13
SM Cinema 6 11:50/13:40/15:30/17:20

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