Saturday, February 9, 2008

Is The "Crying Lady" The Key To PGMA's Impeachment?

If the crying lady led to the non-impeachment of Erap (due to the walk-out instigated by Joker Arroyo and followed by Justice Davide himself) but nevertheless to his being booted out of office, will the "Crying Lady" as described by Presidential chief legal counsel Sergio Apostol when referring to ZTE scam witness Jun Lozada be the key to the impeachment of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo?

Arroyo's credibility has been constantly suffering from the several major issues hurled against her husband First Gentleman Mike Arroyo, her husband's family and even her own sons. The latest blow to her already diminishing "ganda points" to the Filipino masa (although they may not fully understand the issue) is the alleged manipulation of the ZTE deal.

Several months ago, news about the stay of First Gentleman (maybe this tag should be changed to something that better signifies his reputation) in Burj Al Arab, Dubai's most expensive hotel (the cheapest rate is equal to P70,000 per day) raised a few eyebrows and a lot of clenched fists. Reports has it that the president also stayed in the same hotel during her visit to Dubai last January.

With all these money, billions of pesos going around town, is it safe to say that the Philippines is not poor at all? Merely corrupted?

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