Saturday, February 16, 2008

Davao City Council Imitating Congress

Is the Davao City Council imitating the House of Congress?

Is Councilor Bonifacio Militar being booted out as Floor Leader?

These are the questions that hound the mind of Dabawenyos amid last week's rumors that something is brewing at the city council and it is definitely not coffee. This suspicion was confirmed after vice mayor Sara Duterte admitted that Militar hinted he was stepping down as floor leader.

If this is Militar's way of jumping the gun before his colleagues remove him from his post this Tuesday then I admire him for knowing when to fight and knowing when to bow down. However, this does not mean he has lost everything. He is still a member of the city council and still very much needed.

Militar is among the few councilors who are so passionate about what they do. And after councilor Zozobrado died, he is one of those few remaining councilors who can launch a tirade in the middle of any meeting or session just to get things done.

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