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Mcdonalds Vs Jollibee This Summer

Two of the country's biggest food retail giants are competing for the most number of kids who will join their crewing and other activities this summer.

McDonalds already held their orientation today for those who have registered to the Summer Crewing and Art Activities. For a P500 registration fee, kids will learn how to deal with people particularly McDonald's customers and their fellow kiddie crews. The fee includes an art kit, T-Shirt and a cap. The kids will also be treated to free meals (a choice of burger or spaghetti) during their scheduled days.

Parents can choose from the MW or TTh schedules plus Fridays (for the whole five weeks) which are recognition days. Morning schedule is from 10 to 12 noon and afternoon schedule is from 1 to 3 PM.

Jollibee's Summer Program will start on the second week of April but they have much bigger plans for their culmination day which is a General Assembly of all the kids who will showcase their talents with special moviestar guests.…

Ateneo de davao Stude is 2007 Bar No. 9

Ruby M. Luy, a student from the Ateneo de Davao University College of Law placed 9th in the 2007 Bar Examination.

This is not the first time that students from the Ateneo de Davao College of Law topped the Bar. In fact, there was one time when two ADDU-Law School graduates got two of teh Top 5 ranks and that was the time when Dexter Lopoz placed No. 2 and Roger Largo placed 4th.

It is good to note that students of law school outside Imperial Manila are making it to the Top 10. There are other law schools in Davao though including the University of Mindanao Law School and Cor Jesu College. Who knows, these schools will also have their own graduates in the Top 10 in the next Bar exams.

Congratulations to friends and classmates who made it!
Atty. Connie Liza
Atty. Genevieve Tutica-Valles (whos husband Atty. Joel Valles must be proud of)
Atty. Leah Librado (hello ninang!)
Atty. Antonette Rabanes
Atty. Karen Cacabelos
If I missed anyone just howl!

The 2007 Philippine Bar Topnotchers are

1. Merce…

1289 New Lawyers' Name Released By The SC


1. ABALUS, Karen Anne M. 2. ABARDO-ESTRADA, Imee M. 3. ABARQUEZ, Carlo E. 4. ABDULLAH, Princess Shanihar A. 5. ABELLA, Johanna R. 6. ABISO, Meriame Joy D. 7. ABLOLA, Maricez J. 8. ABUNDABAR, Rhys Michael S. 9. ACEDILLO, Noelle T. 10. ACENA, Anna Cecilia D. 11. ACERET, Shantel P. 12. ACERO, Francis Euston R. 13. ACHARON, Paolo Jay S. 14. ACHAS, Anne Lourdes R. 15. ACLAN, Jennie C. 16. ACOSTA, JR., Isagani S. 17. ADIN, Fatima Irene T. 18. ADIOVA, Agnes Z. 19. ADLAO, Joyce P. 20. ADRIOSULA, Dino M. 21. AFRICA, Cecille Marie A. 22. AGAMATA, Abraham A. 23. AGDA, JR., Victoriano T. 24. AGONCILLO, Gildu R. 25. AGOR, Cesar A. 26. AGPAOA, Magnum D. 27. AGTARAP, Jeffrey M. 28. AGUAVIVA, Ma. Aileen G. 29. AGULAY, JR., Norberto S. 30. AGUNOS, Farah C. 31. AGUSTIN, Oliver P. 32. AGUSTIN, Ronesito B. 33. AKILITH, Joseph A. 34. ALADIN-VIDALLO, Rhia N. 35. ALAGABAN, Cherilee B. 36. ALAPOT, Jeofrey R. 37. ALAYON, Marivic M. 38. ALBAO, Ismael A. 39. ALB…

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UPDATE: The 2007 Bar Exam Results will be posted tomorrow. All those who left their email addresses will receive the complete list of BAR passers.

Join Earth Hour Tomorrow

Do you want to make a difference? Join Earth Hour.

Tomorrow, March 29, 2008, join some countries of the world in the fight against global warming by turning off your lights from 8 to 9 PM. The goal is to encourage people to act positively and lessen emission in the long run by at least 5%.

Earth Hour was made a reality in March 31, 2007 when over two million businesses and households in Sydney, Australia turned off their lights for an hour. This may be a small act but when we act together, we can take action against climate change. Climate change or global warming is a real emergency more frightening than World War II or the 9/11. It is a major disaster.

Bar Exam Results Out By Tomorrow?

Well with the Supreme Court, you can never tell. The BAR results may come out this afternoon, tonight, tomorrow or even next week. However what is sure is that the 5,626 law graduates who took the bar exams last year are all fidgety now, unable to sleep, eat and be merry. Well, not until the verdict is out.

Passing the bar is the ultimate dream of any law student. I should know. But what after the bar exams? Unless your goal in becoming a lawyer is to help the poor and the needy and those who cannot afford a lawyer, better not go into law school anymore. If your main goal is to earn money then you might want to look somewhere else, like being a content writer perhaps or a big time drug dealer (then you can buy all the lawyers in the world!).

A lot of my classmates who are lawyers now are complaining about how low their incomes are. A starting lawyer should be happy if he gets a P7,000 monthly salary from a respectable law firm. Mos newbies I know are however thriving with the 30-70% pay…

Duterte Warn Traders Amid Rice Shortage Reports

The last time DatelineDavao spoke with the General Manager of the National Food Authority Xi, he confirmed that a rice shortage in Davao City is farfetched. Several months later, news of rice price increases and corresponding shortage of rice supply abound prompting Davao City Mayor Duterte to want unscrupulous traders who take advantage of the situation.

You can tour the whole of Davao these days but you will never be able to find rice, specifically 7 Tonner or Masipag, at its old price of P27 below. Today, these rice varieties are priced from P28 up. Even Mais, supposedly as cheap as NFA rice is now P21 per kilo.

With the gas prices up and the rice prices up, can a Dabawenyo earning minimum wage with e kids still survive? Your guess is as good as mine.

Gas Price Increase? Nothing New

Some people get high blood pressures when they hear of another roudn of gas price increase. Not me. I have died already too many times because of that news. Rather UN-NEWS. A new round of gas price hike is no longer news to me because it happens all the time in the Philippines.

Daily gas consumers should get used to high gas pries because there is nothing anyone can do ---you can march daily on the streets, starve yourself to death---but it will not change the way things are, at least in the gas price department.

But there are some things you can do to save on gas. Here goes:
1. Walk, walk, walk.
2. Plan your trip so you don't have to pass the same location twice.
3. Gas up in the morning
4. Don't let your gas go dry
5. Buy a gas-efficient vehicle
6. Better yet, buy a diesel-powered vehicle
7. Only use your vehicle for family trips; take the public transportation if you're the only one using the car

Easter Fun At SM City Davao

Some families in Davao celebrated Easter by soaking themselves wet in beaches and swimming pools. Others however opted for a different kind of fun like spending Family Day at SM City Davao.

SM City sponsored a whole Day Easter Family Day Activity starting with free painting sessions, face painting and Parlor Games for the whole family at the SM Event Center in the morning. A clown hosted the morning games. The fun however started in the afternoon with the Easter Egg painting.

Then came the parade of children in their easter costumes. The kids wore different costumes as an interpretation of the Easter theme.

Most of the kids were in the traditional bunny costumes while others wore non-traditional Easter costumes like a military-inspired Easter bunny and a carrot.

The Easter Egg hunt sent everyone--including the adults, scampering for eggs anywhere. Lots and lots of Unilab milk---Bright and Enervon---were given away as prizes for those who participated in the show.

Movie Guide: Jim Carrey Is At It Again!

Jim Carrey of the famous Truman Show, Bruce Almighty, Dumb and Dumber, The Mask etc, etc, is back! But this time, as an elephant named Horton! The showign of the movie in time for Easter Sunday is appropriate since it has a time-old message that everybody should heed: Respect everyone no matter how small, insignifact or poor.

Horton is an elephant who hears a cry of help from a speck of dust. Turns out that the speck consist of a community with its very own mayor. Reminds me of a graduation I attended last week where the school administrator (and the owner) including some of the teachers reeked of FAVORITISM! As usual, the center of their attention was the son of a literally filthy politician from Cotabato who was not really brilliant but guess what? The kid (and even the yaya and the mother)are getting so much attention because they drop their money left and right like there's no tomorrow. Those from the academe should be the one to teach the kids to respect people rich or poor. I…

Holy Week In Davao Reeks Of Commercialism

There was a time when Holy Week used to be a solemn season especially observed in silence by those who want to retreat and look at their past lives. Other people prefer to go away from it all and spend the Holy Week in beaches. We spent one Holy Week in Paradise and it was great. Others prefer to visit various churches.

When in Davao City, nothing beats The Shrine if you want to feel the Holy Week. There are different stations placed along the road going to the Shrine. It is an uphill climb so those who want to complete the whole Station of the Cross would really experience hardship and lots of sweat going up. But this time around, every station is not only a place to recite the Lord's Prayer but also a place for food, drinks and in some cases, a mini tiangge. So much for the Lenten Spirit.

The road to the Shrine Hills reeked of commercialism. It was like the food street of the malls were transferred there. There was a Greenwich booth, a Dunkin Donut booth and what have you. Even t…

Giant Slide At Gaisano Mall Davao

You still have until Sunday to enjoy Allegro's giant inflatable slide at the Atrium of the Gaisano Mall of Davao. These slides are a hit in the United States (and there are several in Metro Manila) but it is rare that an inflatable slide as huge as this is made available to Dabawenyos for free. You heard it right. Just buy any Allegro Ice Cream (the ice cream cup costs P12.50 while the drumstick costs P16) and they will give you a pass to the slide. The ice cream does not taste that great though but who cares? The opportunity to feel the air fall with you as you go down the slide is well worth it!
There is also another attraction at the Atrium aside from the stalls selling bits and pieces and that is the ceramics coloring booth. Buy any of the ceramics (the minimum cost is P70 for the car and other designs) and they will provide you free water colors. You can paint your ceramics right there and then let the girls varnish your ceramics for that professional look.

PLDT-MyDSL Sponsors Drifting In Davao City

If you were able to watch Fast and the Furious 3 (Tokyo Drift) then you are more or less familiar about what drifting is. Car racing fanatics are surely well-versed about the term. PLDT sponsored a drifting exhibit at Market Basket in Damosa yesterday and those who were there were treated to the first ever drifting show in the city (if not in Mindanao).
So what is drifting? Drifting is a motor sport that makes use of a driving technique of turning the car sideways (more like turning your car in circles to me based on what I've seen yesterday though!). Tehnically, a car is drifting when the car and the same car's wheels are in opposite direction such that the car is turned right and the wheels are pointed to the left. "Drifting is controlling an uncontrollable car," said Alex, the driver who exhibited his excellent drifting skills yesterday. But no matter hwo you define it, it boils down to one thing: a driver's full control of his car and his wheels.

RWD or rear whe…

Pacquiao Wins By Split Decision

A Filipino friend based in New York who personally watched the Pacquiao-Marquez boxing bout in Las Vegas buzzed datelinedavao that Manny Pacquiao won by a split decision.
Dabawenyos are celebrating the 71st Araw ng Dabaw today but for fear that people would not go out in the streets and watch the Araw Parade (because today is also Paquiao's boxing bout with Marquez), Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte installed a giant screen right at the Park so that Dabawenyos can watch the boxing bout and participate in the fiesta at the same time.
It can be recalled that Pacquiao was beaten black and blue by Marquez during their last bout (which most boxing fans see as a sham) in May 8, 2004. Pacquaio has waited four years for the sweet smell of victory against Marquez and now he has finally tasted that victory by winning the super featherweight world championship.
Ciara Sotto (who sang the Philippine National Anthem) was Pacquiao's lucky charm this time.

See The Pacquiao-Marquez Fight Live At Marco Polo Davao

Dabawenyos can celebrate the 71st Araw ng Davao and watch the Pacquiao-Marquez fight tomorrow. How? The Araw Parade usually passes by the Marco Polo Hotel so you can still watch the Pacquiao-Marquez bout LIVE at the Eagles Bar of Marco Polo Hotel and then just sneak out when the parade contingents are right in front of the hotel.

Watching the boxing bout LIVE at Eagles Bar tomorrow, SUnday, March 16, will set you back by P200 but this is inclusive a one drink and you also get 20% off on all food items from the hotel's F&B outlets.

The fight will start at 8AM so be at the Eagles Bar early so you can get the best seat!
Digital Cameras are a blessing especially for those who want to document almost everything. Digicams (those with good brands and with more pixels) may cost more but they are definitely a bargain considering the ease with which you can take pictures, use them without negatives and without spending for developing fees.

P420M Davao Port Expansion Now 81.44% Complete

The P420.22 million Davao City Port project is already 81.44% completed and is expected to be fully complete by January 2009. This was the report made by Secretary Jesus Dureza during the 3rd National Government Infrastructure Forum held at the Marco Polo Hotel this morning.

Dureza said the rehabilitation of the quay is already completed and what remains to be done is the expansion of the port. The project, he said, started in August 2006.

The Davao Port Expansion project is only one among the many infrastructure projects for Mindanao being fast tracked by president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo before her term ends in 2010.

“We only have 600 working days to ensure we complete what needs to be completed,” Mindanao Economic Development Council undersecretary Virgilio Leyretana, Sr. said.

Leyterana said infrastructure enhances the delivery of services, encourages the mobility of people and opens new areas of economic development. He said Mindanao has always been referred to as a strategic region …

Tinikling At Royal Mandaya Hotel

Davao City seems to be having a hectic schedule these days, with almost all hotels having its own seminar, convention or what-have-you. For sure, all Davao hotels, inns and motels are fully booked this week (and maybe even a week before and the week after this) because of the Araw ng Dabaw celebration whih culminates on March 16, 2008, Sunday.

The Royal Mandaya Hotel was filled with people, a mixture of locals who were there for their regular coffee or meeting and tourists who were there to spend their vacation in the city known for its waling-waling, durian, Philippine Eagle and of course, hospitality.

Museo Dabawenyo An Apt Opening For The 71st Araw ng Dabaw

The opening of the Museo Dabawenyo yesterday was just in time for the formal declaration of the opening of the 71st Araw nf Dabaw. What can be better for Dabawenyos than a museum that will remind the people of its history? The Museum was appropriate for the occassion, so to speak.

Movie Guide

If you are a fan of Dragons and Mammoths then this week's films will suit you fine. Unless of course you love Russel Crowe (and who doesn't?) of the Gladiator, Proof of Life, A Beautiful Mind----more, more more... fame.

10,000 BC looks like a violent enough movie so I do not encourage kids to watch this, same with Dragon Wars. However, I wonder why 10,000 BC is rated GP while D-War is rated PG 13.

I am a Russel Crowe fan so I think all is movies are great. However, his newest film to hit the cinema looks like a cowboy movie (much like the genre of Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven) with lots of guns and gunshots of course. Sorry kids, no movies for you this week.

One Missed Call PG13
SM Cinema 4 12:15/2:00/3:45/5:30/7:15
NCCC Cinema 1 12:25/2:20/4:15/6:10/8:05

10,000 BC GP
SM Cinema 1 11:00/1:00/3:00/5:00/7:00
NCCC Cinema 2 12:00/2:00/4:00/6:00/8:00

D-War PG13
SM Cinema 2 12:15/2:00/3:45/5:30/7:15
NCCC Cinema 4 12:25/2:20/4:1…

27 Infra Projects To Bring Development To Mindanao And Its People.

So, is imperial Manila finally recognizing the uneven distribution of wealth or is this just another move by Malacañang to assuage the sentiments of a people who has felt neglected since time immemorial?

Top Malacañang officials headed by Presidential Management Staff head Secretary Cerge M. Remonde will be in town tomorrow for the 3rd National Infrastructure Forum at the Marco Polo Hotel to forge stronger ties with Mindanao stakeholder to fully realize the implementation of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s infrastructure projects in Mindanao.

Mindanao contributes greatly to the country’s coffers thanks to its agricultural exports. However, the budget given to the island is meagre compared to the other islands. Remonde himself acknowledged this and said some of the country’s poorest provinces are in the island. Thus, the government’s plant to fast track 27 infra projects to promote food security in Mindanao.

Among the 27 infra projects are eight power and energy projects, two ports…

Nograles and JDV: Bad Example of Friendship

Davao City 1st District Congressman Prospero Nograles has claimed he and former House Speaker Jose de Venecia are still friends despite the former replacing the latter as House Speaker in a coup d' etat that landed in the anals of the country's political history and which will be remembered for a long, long time.

Nograles said de Venecia knows "it's nothing personal".

Well, de Venecia might be a veteran politician who knows the ins and outs of politics like the back of his hand and who knows that in politics there are no permanent friends only personal interests but stupid he is not. Will you consider someone who has stolen (literally of course) your prestige, your power, your career----you FRIEND?

If they are indeed friends then that could be the worst example of friendship that ever existed. One that people should avoid getting into if they want to remain sane and fully alive; not a zombie---to quote Father Moga's book "Fully human, fully alive". An…

US Presidential Election: The Heat Is On

It is not yet summer here but Filipinos can already feel the heat as the US Presidential elections draws to a close. By November, Americans will have a new president. Or will they bring back a former White House occupant?

Former first lady Hillary Clinton is still on the running but her archrival Barack Obama is a hard opponent to beat. The Republicans have already chosen John McCain, a former war veteran, a Prisoner of War and a hero on his own. However, the Democrats are not far behind. So who do you think would the Democrats root for? Your guess is as good as mine!

Movie Guide

Here's another children's movie belonging to the genre of Narnia, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.
Just like the other hit movies for children and adults alike, the Spiderwick is a screen adaptation of a best-selling book, "The SPiderwick Chronicles". It is a fantasy movie that has mass appeal so expect both adults and children to flock to teh theaters this week. It has a universal appeal because it arouses the child in each of us.

Contest Rules

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A Little Help From BuzzFuse

Every professional blogger dreams of monetizing his blog. I am no different and I am still looking for ways to improve traffic and get more visitors to my blog. I believe that it is necessary to bring in traffic first before one can really maximize a blog's earning opportunities.

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Are Dabawenyos Pizza Eaters?

Dabawenyos are a food-loving bunch maybe because food is easilya ccessibel to the Dabawenyo's table. Fish, meat and fresh fruits are abundant in the city and also relatively cheap compared to Manila. This is one of the reasons why Davao is considered one of the most livable cities in Asia.
The establishment of various malls in the city has also made fast foods accessible to Dabawenyos and so their food saga continues. But while various food outlets come and go in the city, can we say that Dabawenyos are pizza-eating-people? Well, there's Giacominos, Pizza Hut, Greenwich and Shakeys. Do you think another pizza joint (that is more affordable than the other pizza joints) would still appeal to Dabawenyos?

Win Jollibee Certificates, 100 Entre Cards At DatelineDavao

Finally! I am launching my first-ever contest here at DatelineDavao. This contest is quite unique because three of the four prizes are exclusive to Dabawenyos. Well, the exclusivity is primarily because three of the prizes are actually Jollibee gift certificates which can only be used in selected Jollibee outlets in Davao City.

One other thing that makes this contest unique is that the other prize, 100 Entre Cards, is exclusive only to Entre members or those who will sign up with How else will you enjoy your EntreCards?

So here's the deal.

1. subscribe to my posts via email and verify your subscription (just enter your email address on the subscription form located on the very right side of the sidebar and then click subscribe; you will receive an email asking you to verify your subscription.) Please enter a valid email because this is how I will determine your entry. You can still join the contest even if you don't have a blog just be subscribing through email. t…

DatelineDavao is 500 ECs richer

Thanks to DiggItLivedotCOM, I am now 500 EntreCards richer. I got my Ecards barely ten minutes after I complied with the site's requirement---wasn't that fast? For those who have not yet been bitten by the EC mania, it's one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site and also to discover new sites.

I make it a point to go blog hopping not just to look for something to write about but more importantly to read the minds of the blogging gurus who, I hope, will be able to teach me how to drive traffic to my blog and how to monetize my blog.

The Quest For A Higher Page Rank

I am a newbie blogger and while I went into blogging to satisfy a writing itch which was put on hold for several months after I ditched the Bundy Clock, it wouldn’t hurt to know some proven tricks on how to make money online. Luckily, I stumbled upon DigItLivedotCOM and was rewarded not only with a lot of internet marketing and blogging tips but also the chance to win 500 ECs or Entrecards.

I was about to join the EC quest but I got stalled upon seeing that Google is conducting another PageRank update. I know I have good content (although the number of visitors to my site is not yet that great) but I am still at a loss as to how to achieve even a higher Google Page Rank. As you may see, I am still unranked so this is I guess one of the challenges for me as a new blogger.

Well, admittedly, I still have a lot to learn when it comes to monetizing my page and achieving a higher page rank. Well, at least for now, I am assured of 500 ECs---or am I?