Thursday, March 13, 2008

Movie Guide

If you are a fan of Dragons and Mammoths then this week's films will suit you fine. Unless of course you love Russel Crowe (and who doesn't?) of the Gladiator, Proof of Life, A Beautiful Mind----more, more more... fame.

10,000 BC looks like a violent enough movie so I do not encourage kids to watch this, same with Dragon Wars. However, I wonder why 10,000 BC is rated GP while D-War is rated PG 13.

I am a Russel Crowe fan so I think all is movies are great. However, his newest film to hit the cinema looks like a cowboy movie (much like the genre of Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven) with lots of guns and gunshots of course. Sorry kids, no movies for you this week.

One Missed Call PG13
SM Cinema 4 12:15/2:00/3:45/5:30/7:15
NCCC Cinema 1 12:25/2:20/4:15/6:10/8:05

10,000 BC GP
SM Cinema 1 11:00/1:00/3:00/5:00/7:00
NCCC Cinema 2 12:00/2:00/4:00/6:00/8:00

D-War PG13
SM Cinema 2 12:15/2:00/3:45/5:30/7:15
NCCC Cinema 4 12:25/2:20/4:15/6:10/8:05

3:10 To Yuma PG13
SM Cinema 6 12:20/2:30/4:40/6:50/9:00

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