Saturday, March 1, 2008

DatelineDavao is 500 ECs richer

Thanks to DiggItLivedotCOM, I am now 500 EntreCards richer. I got my Ecards barely ten minutes after I complied with the site's requirement---wasn't that fast? For those who have not yet been bitten by the EC mania, it's one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site and also to discover new sites.

I make it a point to go blog hopping not just to look for something to write about but more importantly to read the minds of the blogging gurus who, I hope, will be able to teach me how to drive traffic to my blog and how to monetize my blog.

1 comment:

ZIGFRED said...


You might be surprised that I do not have a “link exchange” or a blogroll anymore in my blog. I have replaced it with a human edited “directory.” Because you have included me in your blogroll/link exchange, I have taken the liberty of listing your site in my directory at If you want to list more sites there, please visit the directory. Thanks. - Zigfred

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