Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gas Price Increase? Nothing New

Some people get high blood pressures when they hear of another roudn of gas price increase. Not me. I have died already too many times because of that news. Rather UN-NEWS. A new round of gas price hike is no longer news to me because it happens all the time in the Philippines.

Daily gas consumers should get used to high gas pries because there is nothing anyone can do ---you can march daily on the streets, starve yourself to death---but it will not change the way things are, at least in the gas price department.

But there are some things you can do to save on gas. Here goes:
1. Walk, walk, walk.
2. Plan your trip so you don't have to pass the same location twice.
3. Gas up in the morning
4. Don't let your gas go dry
5. Buy a gas-efficient vehicle
6. Better yet, buy a diesel-powered vehicle
7. Only use your vehicle for family trips; take the public transportation if you're the only one using the car

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