Monday, March 31, 2008

Mcdonalds Vs Jollibee This Summer

Two of the country's biggest food retail giants are competing for the most number of kids who will join their crewing and other activities this summer.

McDonalds already held their orientation today for those who have registered to the Summer Crewing and Art Activities. For a P500 registration fee, kids will learn how to deal with people particularly McDonald's customers and their fellow kiddie crews. The fee includes an art kit, T-Shirt and a cap. The kids will also be treated to free meals (a choice of burger or spaghetti) during their scheduled days.

Parents can choose from the MW or TTh schedules plus Fridays (for the whole five weeks) which are recognition days. Morning schedule is from 10 to 12 noon and afternoon schedule is from 1 to 3 PM.

Jollibee's Summer Program will start on the second week of April but they have much bigger plans for their culmination day which is a General Assembly of all the kids who will showcase their talents with special moviestar guests. I heard (albeit unconfirmed until the stars sign the contract) that someone from the Kung Fu Kids TV Show will be with the kids during the GA. I just don't if its Krung-Krung or one of the Kung Fu Kids.

The marketing department of Jollibee is still figuring out if they can keep the registration at a minimum (cheaper than McDo's). The program will last for four weeks but each batch will attend the activities and do their customer-greeting chores for straight one week for 3 hours a day.

Jollibee marketing manager Jay Madulara said the kids will not really be made to work (it's illegal to do that) but they will be oriented about Jollibee's operations and will be trained to greet customers on the front doors. Almost all Jollibee outlets in Davao will participate in the program except Jollibee SM.

Kids who will register with Jollibee will also be trained in various talent-skills like singing and dancing as they will be presenting their learned skills during the GA. There will also be several sports activities.

The best thing about Jollibee is that the food is not limited to burgers or spaghetti but there will be a different snack for the kids everyday including Hotdogs, Burger Steak and of course, a chicken joy during the GA.

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