Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Unionbank's PayPal Bloopers

Is Unionbank efficient enough to handle PayPal remittances, not only for its debit cards but also for savings accounts?

This question did not accidentally enter my mind. I just had a very bad experience with Unionbank's PayPal remittance services. It may be called a minor blooper in the ordinary world but for a bank as big as Unionbank (who may be handling millions of dollars and accounts for its clients) this is not only a blooper but it speaks bad about how it handles its accounts---big or small.

I was waiting for my PayPal withdrawal of $196.19 so I kept on checking my online account with Unionbank. Funny but when I checked this morning only P1,905.81 was reflected. Either the peso-dollar rate has plunged to P10 per dollar or Unionbank committed a booboo in its data entry. I was just watching TV earlier to check the business news so I know the peso-dollar rate is P41.80 to a dollar. Which means Unionbank's data entry personnel or teller or whoever the hell is in charge of converting dollar remittances to peso is grossly inefficient.

To make matters worse, I called up the Victoria Branch and asked for the error to be rectified but the lady merely told me to call their toll free number as they cannot do anything about this. PERIOD! I may have lost it somewhere along the internet while cruising but isn't customer service also a part of the bank's local branches' commitment?

And to rub it in, I called up the 1-800-1888-2277 (which I memorized and can recall even while I am asleep) is always busy. I managed to get in after dialling 20 times (or more!) but a stupid recording on the other line says: "sorry, all our customer representatives are busy.....". I waited until the recording got tired and the line went pfffttt.. So I dialed again and got the busy tone.

There goes the hotline that's not so hot after all...


Pestogirl said...

lovely girl,
relax lang.
ang puso... hehehe.

The Red Hobbit's Hole said...

im wondering how we could make this post popular so that everyone knows how stupid the bank is in the hope that their manager will be in the hot seat.

after all, bloggers in davao will surely use their service in cashing in.

let me start by bookmarking your post in this site i came accross http://pinoyvibes.net

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