Friday, March 21, 2008

Holy Week In Davao Reeks Of Commercialism

There was a time when Holy Week used to be a solemn season especially observed in silence by those who want to retreat and look at their past lives. Other people prefer to go away from it all and spend the Holy Week in beaches. We spent one Holy Week in Paradise and it was great. Others prefer to visit various churches.

When in Davao City, nothing beats The Shrine if you want to feel the Holy Week. There are different stations placed along the road going to the Shrine. It is an uphill climb so those who want to complete the whole Station of the Cross would really experience hardship and lots of sweat going up. But this time around, every station is not only a place to recite the Lord's Prayer but also a place for food, drinks and in some cases, a mini tiangge. So much for the Lenten Spirit.

The road to the Shrine Hills reeked of commercialism. It was like the food street of the malls were transferred there. There was a Greenwich booth, a Dunkin Donut booth and what have you. Even the inside of the Shrine had a Coca Cola Stall.

Looking at this modern way of observing Lent, one can recall how Jesus went wild and turned the tables on the people who were selling all sorts of goodies outside the church.

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