Sunday, March 16, 2008

PLDT-MyDSL Sponsors Drifting In Davao City

If you were able to watch Fast and the Furious 3 (Tokyo Drift) then you are more or less familiar about what drifting is. Car racing fanatics are surely well-versed about the term. PLDT sponsored a drifting exhibit at Market Basket in Damosa yesterday and those who were there were treated to the first ever drifting show in the city (if not in Mindanao).

So what is drifting? Drifting is a motor sport that makes use of a driving technique of turning the car sideways (more like turning your car in circles to me based on what I've seen yesterday though!). Tehnically, a car is drifting when the car and the same car's wheels are in opposite direction such that the car is turned right and the wheels are pointed to the left.
"Drifting is controlling an uncontrollable car," said Alex, the driver who exhibited his excellent drifting skills yesterday. But no matter hwo you define it, it boils down to one thing: a driver's full control of his car and his wheels.

RWD or rear wheel drives are excellent for drifting (as opposed to the 4x4 exhibitions where the cars have to FWDs). Well, soem say you can use front wheel drive cars for drifting if you are using the E brake.

The drifting shown in the movie Fast and the Furious 3 is however slightly different (although the principle is the same) because the guys there were drifting in closed spiral parking lots and mountains.

Yesterday's drifting exhibit also featured Nancy Castiliogne but it seems the crowd were more excited to see the drifting exhibitions than see Nancy strut her stuff.

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