Saturday, July 12, 2008

Neri's appointment as SSS chief endangers contributions of 30 million workers

Will the contributions of almost 30 million private sector employees as well as those in the self- employed sector be in rotten hands just because the newly-appointed chief of the Social Security System or SSS is a rotten egg?

Malacanang's promotion of former Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Chair Romulo Neri to SSS has raised a lot of eyebrows especially those of the SSS workers and officials themselves who claims the SSS funds are not government funds but are contributiosn from workers and should not be included in Malacanang's political manuevers.

The Black and White Movement castigated prsident Gloria macapagal Arroyo for neri's appointment saying it was Malacanang's way of makign sure Neri kept quiet about graft
and corruption in the Palace. It can be recalled that Neri was involved in the ZTE expose where millions of commissions supposedly exchanged hands between the Chinese firm, Commission on Elections chief Benjamin Abalos and the First Gentleman.

Bayan Muna representative Teodoro Cawsino said Neri's appointment as chief will assure Malacanang that "she and her minions (can) plunder the pension funds of the private sector workers" and the SSS chief will just look the other way.

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