Saturday, July 12, 2008

Prices of Diesel, LPG Up Again

Prices of Diesel, LPG Up Again! So what's new?

Fuel prices have regularly gone up in the past months that another rice hike is no longer news for most people. Some people are even anticipating the increase every Saturday.

For the record, the price of fuel have gone up 18 times since January 2008 or a total of P19.50 for diesel and kerosene and P18 for gasoline. Both diesel and gasoline prices went up by P1.50 per liter while that of liquefied petroleum gas went up by P1.00 per kilo this Saturday.

As usual, the price increase has been attributed to the stronger dollar and the rising price of fuel in the world market. Funny but there was no corresponding decrease in local fuel prices when the Philippine peso was up against the Greenback for several months this year.

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