Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dog Owners Bats For Pulling Out Of Rimadyl From Stores reported that there is a great chance you may be giving your dog a deadly prescription medicine called Rimadyl. Dog owners may think they are keeping their pets alive by giving them one of the most popular prescription pain medications for canines only to find out sometimes too late that it can kill them.

Rimadyl is prescribed for dogs suffering from arthritis as well as other conditions causing them pain but it was discovered that your dog can have a negative reaction to the drug and the results can be deadly.

Janice Nollar has given her dog Jezebel Rimadyl only to find out that her dog refuses to eat, became lethargic and nearly died. Her veterinarian concluded that Jezebel’s liver stopped functioning as a result of Rimadyl.

Hundred of pet owners who had the same experience with Rimadyl filed a class suit against Pfizer, the drug’s manufacturer. But while Pfizer settled the case out of court it has refused to admit that their drug was the culprit. However, questions on the negative effects of Rimadyl have been floated around a year prior to the filing of the case in the 90s..

A total of 3,600 drug reactions involving dogs have been reported in 1998 and the Food and Drug Administration has confirmed that Rimadyl was cited as the cause for 39% of these cases. The FDA said that the dogs died in 13% of these cases.

There are different schools of thought regarding the prescription of Rimadyl to alleviate pain for dogs. Veterinarian Alan Schulman is among those who believe that giving Rimadyl to your dogs is worth the risk since its benefits outweighs the dangers provided the drug is given properly and the dog monitored regularly.

But for Nollar and hundreds of dog owners, Rimadyl should be pulled out from the stores.

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