Friday, July 4, 2008

Is GSIS inefficient?

GSIS chief Winston Garcia has been meddling in the recent Meralco overcharging fiasco but is he the right person to determine if Meralco is being managed properly when he could not even clean up his own ship?

The inefficiency of GSIS has been a common complaint among government offices here in Davao City. One concrete example is the refusal of GSIS to release the burial benefits of a deceased government official not for lack of the required papers but because the one in charge of that paperwork will be back on August.

The government worker died of cancer and his family needed that burial benefit to bury him decently. Sans that money, the deceased would have to wait till August to be buried in case the family is not able to borrow money to pay the memorial park. It is ironic that the burial expense could not be released by the GSIS just because of the absence of a single person who should not be indispensable considering that government service should not stop because an employee is absent or has taken a leave of absence.

Perhaps, Garcia of GSIS should save his sinking ship first before he meddles in the affair of other office. Or perhaps, he is also too busy minding the expensive GSIS paintings he acquired for millions to the detriment of the Filipino people?

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