Friday, April 4, 2008

Davao Bloggers Welcomes Summer With Campo Agua Resort Tour

So what happens when Davao Bloggers meet up?

Food, fun and photo-ops but not necessarily in that order. It's my first time to join the Davao Bloggers group and proved that I was normal. I always carry my Canon Powershot A540 (nakakahiya itabi sa Super Pogi na EOS ni Jojie) with me wherever I go and I take photos of everything; even the food at home I have to take photos of first before they are allowed to eat. Now I know there is nothing abnormal about me because it was lunchtime already and Campo Agua's crunchy and mouth-watering deep-fried tilapia and hito were already beckoning to our stomachs but the guys were completely unmindful and proceeded with photo-ops! Well, perhaps, that was a strategy because once the eating started everything was going, going, gone....

Campo Agua is hands down a kiddie resort and nothing beats the kids market. It boasts of an interactive water playground with water hydrants that kids can control just like they were sailors. For those who have the pleasure of meditating while waiting for the fishes to catch the bait then the 2-hectare fishing ground of the place will entertain them for hours.

The Valderamas also have a crocodile farm, with 300 crocodiles in the farm being fattened in preparation for breeding but no worries but the farm is far away and they don't eat humans for lunch (how about dinner?)

Campo Agua is a favorite place for my family. Sometimes, we just go there to swim since the pool is safe for kids and much more for adults who do not know how to swim. What more, it is really fun and provides several hours of bonding for family and friends. I keep coming back for the kinilaw na bangus though--so yummy and I even started making it at home but nothing beats eating kinilaw na bangus at Campo Agua thanks to the relaxing ambiance of the place.

Kenneth Valderama, the accommodating owner of Campo Agua, said he has more plans for Campo Agua but that's another story which you should watch out for at The Edge (Davao's newest business newspaper) next week.

I think this is my first time to go on a location interview ever since I started my home-based business and career three years ago and it's fun thanks to long-time pal Jojie (who is very good not only in layouting, T-shirt printing, photography, etc.etc...pero secret land ha---magaling mag breakdance si jojie ha!ha!) and the rest of the Davao Bloggers ----Blogie, Migs, Andrew, Winston, Dominique, Chikai and Maria. Did I miss anyone?

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Chikai said...

hello lovely! nice meeting you too! i posted some pics na rin from our outing kanina. :)

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