Friday, April 4, 2008

Unionbank Explanation On PayPal Fiasco Illogical

I am still uncomfortable with my PayPal deposits via Unionbank because of the discrepancy that happened just this week. The amount which appeared in my account record is way below the expected amount withdrawn from Paypal. However, what is more disconcerting are the events following my written email to Unionbank about the discrepancy which has remained unanswered up to now.

My mistake. I did not get a printscreen of the transaction. When I checked back, the P1,900 something wrongly deposited to my account disappeared. What more? The transaction fiasco itself disappeared from the online transaction box like Houdini's Magic.

After hounding the bank staff she agreed to connect me to the 1-800-188882277-not-so-hot-hotline and after several attempts we were able to talk to the operator who lo and behold! said she was seeing my accounts and the transactions I made and there was no transaction reflecting the P1, 900 deposit made to my account nor the transaction withdrawing the same amount from my account. So was I lying to myself and to her just so I can make a blog entry out of it? Whew!

The customer rep said that at the time I complained about the questionable transaction they were still updating the system and maybe my account has not yet been updated. Well, I am no bank term genius but what I understand from an un-updated account is an account that is supposed to show the exact money I had before any transaction has been made. So why was there an update, meaning I got a new deposit?

She insisted that my account has not yet been updated that time and when I told her again about the wrong amount appearing there, she kept on repeating that same keyword phrase that would have landed first page in Google due to repetition.

I was stupid enough not to get a printscreen of that transaction so the next time any of these happen to you make sure you get a printscreen so you have some form of evidence when they deny everything.


selrahc n. said...

Hi there. I assume you withdraw funds from paypal to unionbank debit card or bank account? If yes, then you don't need to have a print screen about the supposed amount that you transferred. It is all in PayPal's history transaction. Just check it nalang. :)
For references, check

Hope this helps. :)

tiara said...

di ba pwede icheck sa history yung old transactions? i think enough proof na yun. :)

tiara said...

di ba pwede icheck sa history yung old transactions? i think enough proof na yun. :)

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