Friday, April 4, 2008

Off To Campo Agua Resort For Bloggers Tour

It's final! I'm joining the Bloggers Tour of Campo Agua in Sirawan, Toril today. Called up Jojie (who's organizing the tour along with Blogie) yesterday and confirmed the arrangements. I'm still here blogging though since i'll just meet the group at the resort while they will all be meeting at Jojie and Rhonson's studio at MTS at 9AM.

I've been to Campo Agua a lot of times and I have always enjoyed my stay there. Even the whole family enjoyed not only swimming but also eating the sumptuous dishes and fishing! We are usually the first people there arriving at 7Am and we are the last---leaving at 6PM. That's how nice the place is especially for those bringing kids with them.

Jojie said the kinilaw na tilapia is yummy but I haven't tasted it yet---tried their kinilaw na bangus though and I got hooked it is now a regular fare in the house. I was trying to get all my photos of Campo Agua (one of which came out in Working Mom with Brylle and his dad on the photo) but can't seem to find any no matter how I rummaged through my CDs and all so I am using Jojie's beautiful and scenic photo of the resort.

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