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Puentespina Now Selling Poinsettias At SM City Davao

SM City Davao has made its (indoor) surroundings more "Christmasey" by allowing Puentespina Garden to display differently-colored Poinsettia flowers along its escalator. Anyone taking the escalator just in front of Watsons can feast his eyes on the eye-popping Poinsettias on display.
The Poinsettias are available in different sizes and there is a size for everyone's budget. The 12-cm Poinsettia pot is priced at P75, 15-cm pot at P100 (fancy) or P150 (select), 18-cm pot at P180 (select) or P220 (super select) and the 24-cm pot both available for P300 and P400.

Poinsettias have become a permanent fixture during the Christmas season and it is widely available in Davao City despite the fact that it is a native plant of Mexico. It was introduced to the United States in 1825 by US Ambassador to Mexico Joel Roberts Poinsett (thus the name Poinsettia). White it has always been called Poinsettia in the Philippines, it is also known as Noche Buena, Pascua and Christmas Star in other …

Fill The X'mas Tree Of Hope For Bantay bata 163

The Bantay Bata Foundation has launched a very timely fund-raising campaign and any Dabawenyo can contribute to this worthwhile undertaking.

For every Christmas Package you buy from the Bantay Bata 163 booth (located right at the main entrance of SM City Davao) whether it is worth P200, P300 or P500, you will be given a Christmas ornament and you can place it on the Christmas Tree Of Hope. The Christmas Tree of Hope is located right in front of Chowking (which is undergoing renovation).

You can choose from the various Christmas goodies, decors, childrens' books and Bantay Bata items. You can buy these items for yourself or as gifts for gamily and friends---don't forget to mention that such gift gave you a chance to hang a Christmas ornament at Bantay Bata's Christmas Tree Of Hope as this would give a better meaning to the season of giving.

You have until January 6, 2008 to hang your Christmas ornament and at the same time contribute to the Bantay Bata 163 Foundation.

Jollibee's "Buy1,Take 1" Promo Takes Davao By Storm

Jollibee's "Buy1, Take1" promo has taken Davao City by storm, both literally and not.
Hundreds of Dabawenyos flocked to the various outlets of Jollibee for the food retail giant's one-day promo. The promo includes the following product sets: Burger and softdrinks (54), French Fries and softdrinks (@P55) and Spaghetti and softdrinks (@54).
People were lining up in every Jollibee outlet yesterday even if Typhoon Mina made its presence felt in the city through strong winds and rains even before lunchtime.

While this promo is advantageous for consumers who want more value for their money, Jollibee should make sure they really give the consumers their money's worth. The Jollibee Matina outlet (outside Centerpoint) was selling the promo sets yesterday but anyone who took the time to check out the drink would feel bad since the soda was not cold. Softdrinks are bad for the health already and Jollibee should not encourage children from taking in too much softdrinks. What …

MV Doulos in Davao City?

It’s Christmas and guess who’s coming to town? Not Santa Claus but MV Doulos.

Most people are greatly familiar with the Titanic. MV Doulos, which was built two years after the Titanic, is acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World as the oldest ocean going passenger ship. But more than that, Doulos is known for bringing “knowledge, help and hope to the people of the world.”

I was lucky enough to have been on board MV Doulos when it docked at Davao City in March, 1990. That was the first and last visit of Doulos to Davao. It has been to Zamboanga and Cagayan de Oro at least twice and many times to Cebu, Batangas and Manila.

Doulos is in dry dock at Batangas from November 6 to 29 so no selling of books onboard. It creative staff however managed to set up an onshore book fair while the ship is undergoing repair and maintenance. It will be in Manila from November 29 to December 26 and Subic Bay from December 26 to January 15, 2008 and then off to Lae, Papua New Guinea on January 24, 2008.

MV …

Davao's tallest xmas tree

Davao City can only hope to rival Tagum City's Christmas tree with this outdoor Christmas Tree located at Victoria Plaza's parking lot right in front of McDonalds in J.P. Laurel Ave. Tagum City's 2006 Christmas Tree, which is said to contain over 200,000 light bulbs, was touted as among the tallest in Southeast Asia as of last year.

Victoria Plaza's Christmas Tree, which was officially lit up Friday, is however less majestic than Tagum City's 2007 Christmas Tree which was also officially shown to the public the same day. The latter was designed especially for Tagum City and was patterned after the star seen in Bethlehem when Jesus was born.

While Dabawenyos and people the world over relate Christmas trees with Christianity, the putting up of Christmas trees or an equivalent symbol, actually originated from the tradition of Norse and Germanic pagans. The evergreen was admired by the Norse pagans because it does not die easily and kept its green color every year unlike…

P15M food terminal opens in Davao City today

The P15 million ALMACEN or alternative marketing center owned and managed by the Josefa Segovia Foundation opened its doors to the public yesterday. ALMACEN is located in Catalunan Pequeño.

JSF is a non-stock, non-profit organization and the social arm of the Teresian Association in the Philippines.

“ALMACEN aims to serve as an alternative marketplace and marketing center for farmers, cooperatives, local government units and people’s organizations in the city,” JSF executive director Chone Evelyn Baldoza said yesterday. Through the center, she added, farmers and other agricultural producers will have a venue to showcase and promote their products.

Baldoza said the center facilities (most of which are already in place) alone is worth P15 million. The 5.5 hectare land on which the structure stands is under a usufruct agreement with the Teresian Association. Under the terms of the usufruct, JSF can occupy the land for 25 years provided the land and the facilities are used for the benefit o…

Davao malls all set for X'mas

The various malls and department stores in Davao City are all prepped up for the Holiday Season and each is outdoing the other in terms of their Christmas displays. Talk about commercializing Christmas!
SM City Davao has a nice display of various Christmas trees in all colors. The usual color motif for Christmas trees are red, white, orange and blue. If you want to be different this year, yu an buy the black Christmas balls and otehr blak decorations to math your white Christmas tree right at SM.
Gaisano Mall of Davao reserved their Atrium or activity area for all your Christmas decoration needs and the items are so far cheaper than SM. However, no one can beat the 10% discount offered by JS Citimall on all Christmas decorations so hurry while they still have some wonderful pieces. The JS Citimall display is not as extensive as SM City though.
NCCC Mall has the best Christmas display as they usually have a theme for their decorations so expect similar patterns within the Mall.

SM Davao payphones make life easier for Dabawenyos

PLDT phone booths that have been conveniently installed near the rest rooms of SM City Davao is making life easier for Dabawenyos especially those who need to make an emergency call only to find out they do not have cellphone loads.
What makes these pay phones a cut above the old pay phones installed by PLDT before is the fact that it accepts a minimum of P1 for local calls and P3 for NDD. Customers who need to call a cellphone (but don't have one or who does not have enough batteries) can also take advantage of the P7 minimum for local calls and P8 for international cell phone calls.
Now, that's what you call customer service.

Davao Tourism Gets Big Boost

Davao City’s tourism got a boost after Cebu Air, Inc. made the city its third hub of operations and another gateway for the country. The management of Cebu Pacific came up with the decision after realizing that 30% of its Cebu-Singapore and Cebu-Hong Kong passengers come from the city.

This development is significant for Dabawenyos (and other passengers from Mindanao) who can now travel from Davao to Hong Kong or Davao to Singapore directly. Grand Air used to fly the said route but stopped its operations. Silk Air also operates a Davao-Singapore route daily.

Under the promotional rates which will be applied from November 13 to 20, 2007, Dabawenyos only need to pay P999 for both routes (Davao-Singapore or Davao-Hong Kong). This however excludes the taxes and other surcharges.

Not to be left behind, direct international flights from Davao to Hong Kong is also in the offing according to Philippine Airlines senior vice president for Mindanao Domingo Duerme said. He added that the airline is …

Digong vs Nogie

Two Davao political bigwigs clash anew

The conflict between Davao City Mayor Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte and Davao City 1st District Congressman Prospero “Nogie” Nograles is finally out in the open.

Duterte spent 55 minutes of his “Para sa Masa…” program at ABS CBN last Sunday cussing and berating Nograles for a lot of reasons primarily because of the manhunt against Diwalwal miner Tata Sala. Sala, who has a pending warrant of arrest, helped Duterte’s candidate during the recently-concluded barangay elections.

Despite the warrant, Sala acted like a free man, even campaigning for Talomo barangay captain candidate Alex Vidal (Duterte’s candidate who won) versus Nograles candidate Art Jimenez. Duterte said Nograles used his influence to resurrect Sala’s case and warrant to get back to the latter for campaigning against his candidate last election.

The conflict between the two started as far back as 1988 until they formed a political alliance during last year’s local elections (with the agreemen…

Recent Job Openings

Still looking for that perfect job? Davao Dateline will try to post the latest job requirements in Davao City and nearby cities to guide netizens looking for their first jobs or their nth job!

Landco Pacific Corporation, a real estate development company, is looking for the following for their offices in Davao City and in Zamboanga.

Documentation Staff
Accountancy graduate with experience in sales admin

Field Sales Admin Specialist
Accountancy graduate (preferably CPA) with 2 years experience in Sales Admin or Finance

Billing and Collection Staff
Accountancy graduate with experience in billing and collection

Project Engineers
Licensed Civil Engineer with at least 3-5 years experience in vertical, large horizontal projects or land development

Project Coordinator
Graduate of any Business course

These are urgent requirements and you can send in your resume with latest photo at or

Incidentally, callbox sales and marketing solutions is now in D…

Poverty, Anyone?

National News: PGMA proudly annnounces there are fewer poor Filipinos now

Davao News: 12-year old girl commits suicide due to poverty

A day after President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo announced that her administration has improved the quality of life in the Philippines, with fewer Filipinos suffering frompoverty, here comes a twelve year old girl from Davao City who hanged herself (using a rope) out of sheer desperation and poverty. Sources claimed the girl has stopped going to school for a few months now because she had no money for fare.
A girl this age should be looking forward to growing up, finishing high school so she can get a college degree. On the contrary, this girl was suicidal because she was not allowed to work in a factory. That would have meant income for her, for school, for food...
The government admitted accountability for what happened and said they are already addressing the issue.
While we should not let the government off the hook, isn't it time we ask ourselves if we…

Winning through positive affirmation?

I have just been through several articles on positive affirmation and while I was doing research and writing some of them I suddenly realized that I have given up my luck on lotteries, raffles and any other contests I do not have a direct control on (except perhaps when writing my name and address on the stub!). I came upon some ideas stating that the subconscious mind can be trained into projecting only positive thoughts until you make your positive thoughts a reality.

I came upon an announcement saying that Manila Freelancer is giving away “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferris. However, I can only get that copy by posting a comment, blogging about it and then when “we” reach 50 then the winner will be drawn.

I’m trying positive affirmation this time. I’m gong to win The 4-Hour Workweek and learn the secrets to accumulating wealth in just several hours a week! Wow! That’s positive thinking!

SP Building: cracking under pressure

The SP Building, home of Davao City's vice mayor and councilors, is slowly but surely cracking up under pressure, literally. An election has passed and new leaders have been elected and yet no one seems to be brave enough to conduct an honest to goodness investigation as to how the total budget for the construction, repair, renovation adn then repair (again!) of the SP building was spent.

The new SP building was constructed during the time of former vice mayor Luis Bonguyan. He has retired from public service (as of now!) and his son is now a councilor. A new vice mayor has replaced him in the person of no Atty. Sara Duterte. Months has passed since the new councilors were sworn into office and yet no concrete effort yet to investigate what went wrong with the SP building construction.

Davao media has not been remissed and the issue on the "cracking up" of the SP building has in fact been a favorite issue among radio commentators. And yet no one has lifted a hand to really…