Tuesday, November 6, 2007

SP Building: cracking under pressure

The SP Building, home of Davao City's vice mayor and councilors, is slowly but surely cracking up under pressure, literally. An election has passed and new leaders have been elected and yet no one seems to be brave enough to conduct an honest to goodness investigation as to how the total budget for the construction, repair, renovation adn then repair (again!) of the SP building was spent.

The new SP building was constructed during the time of former vice mayor Luis Bonguyan. He has retired from public service (as of now!) and his son is now a councilor. A new vice mayor has replaced him in the person of no Atty. Sara Duterte. Months has passed since the new councilors were sworn into office and yet no concrete effort yet to investigate what went wrong with the SP building construction.

Davao media has not been remissed and the issue on the "cracking up" of the SP building has in fact been a favorite issue among radio commentators. And yet no one has lifted a hand to really discover what went wrong with the construction of the SP building.

In the meantime, the basement parking area of the SP building has started to show structural weaknesses. The offices of some councilors are a sight for sore eyes during rainy days because the ceilings and the walls drip. How many SP employees (and the transacting public) are in real danger just because no one is brave enough to ask why the SP building is in such a state, considering the money spent for its supposed renovation?

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