Friday, November 9, 2007

Poverty, Anyone?

National News: PGMA proudly annnounces there are fewer poor Filipinos now

Davao News: 12-year old girl commits suicide due to poverty

A day after President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo announced that her administration has improved the quality of life in the Philippines, with fewer Filipinos suffering frompoverty, here comes a twelve year old girl from Davao City who hanged herself (using a rope) out of sheer desperation and poverty. Sources claimed the girl has stopped going to school for a few months now because she had no money for fare.
A girl this age should be looking forward to growing up, finishing high school so she can get a college degree. On the contrary, this girl was suicidal because she was not allowed to work in a factory. That would have meant income for her, for school, for food...
The government admitted accountability for what happened and said they are already addressing the issue.
While we should not let the government off the hook, isn't it time we ask ourselves if we are making this world a better place for the young? Should adults procreate when they could not even feed themselves properly?

What do you think?

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