Friday, November 23, 2007

P15M food terminal opens in Davao City today

The P15 million ALMACEN or alternative marketing center owned and managed by the Josefa Segovia Foundation opened its doors to the public yesterday. ALMACEN is located in Catalunan Pequeño.

JSF is a non-stock, non-profit organization and the social arm of the Teresian Association in the Philippines.

“ALMACEN aims to serve as an alternative marketplace and marketing center for farmers, cooperatives, local government units and people’s organizations in the city,” JSF executive director Chone Evelyn Baldoza said yesterday. Through the center, she added, farmers and other agricultural producers will have a venue to showcase and promote their products.

Baldoza said the center facilities (most of which are already in place) alone is worth P15 million. The 5.5 hectare land on which the structure stands is under a usufruct agreement with the Teresian Association. Under the terms of the usufruct, JSF can occupy the land for 25 years provided the land and the facilities are used for the benefit of farmers.

“We have been working with the upland farmers of the 3rd District for the last 16 years and we saw the need to assist them in marketing their products,” she said. The Foundation also provides transportation support to the upland farmers for easy delivery of their products from farm to market.

ALMACEN will also house the Market Intelligence and Information Center which will monitor the prices of agricultural products in the market. The Center will be operated by ALMACEN in coordination with the Davao City Investment Promotion Center, Davao City Cooperative Development Office and the Department of Agriculture.

It will also house a training center, ten market stalls (solely for farmers cooperatives and associations and people’s organizations) and a restaurant.

Baldoza said they envision the enter to be a one stop shop for all agricultural products produced by farmers so they will be holding night markets which will sell fresh fruits, fish, livestock, seedlings and even flowers. (lovely a. carillo)


Anonymous said...

Saan po to banda?

lovely said...


thanks for dropping by. ALMACEN is in Catalunan Pequeño, just in front of Pag Ibig.

george said...

this building is hardly a work of an architect. it's ugly. people should rethink building structures as a serious matter to which comprehensive planning must be undertaken rather than be always driven by quick fixed solution, ending up to an edifice like this one. I think in addition to the consideration of good architecture (firmitas, utilitas and venustas) firmness in structure, function and aesthetic, respectively, economy of construction should be the fourth qualification. Because very good architecture is cost-effective.

Architecture must not be seen as a service which requires a lot of money, at times but it's a good investment. Getting the service of an architect is worth the cost of the project because they are trained to make functional, safe and beautiful structures, that will inevitably become a landmark of the past. we should make this buildings as something we can be proud of so when look back in time we can claim it with full pride as our past generation's and Davao's treasure.

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