Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday Movies: Igor At Davao Cinemas

Kids have one more reason to smile this week as the much-awaited Igor Movie is now showing in Davao cinemas.

Aside from having the handsome and funny John Cussack (remember him in ConAir and War Inc.?) in the lead role as the voice of Igor, the movie is also a welcome respite from the horror and violent action films that has invaded the Davao cinemas in the past months.

Igor is not a who but a what. An Igor is a hunchbacked assistant of a mad scientist whose only purpose in life is to obey his master. Not this Igor who got tired playing a yes-man so he decided to join the annual evil science fair and that's where his misadventures with the land's brilliant but mad scientists began...

Shia LaBeouf (more popularly known to fans as Sam Witwiki in Transformers and Mutt, the son of Professor Henry Jones in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) is also back in theaters today via the successful "Eagle Eye".

Here's the movie schedule for this week:

SM Cinema 5 12:15/2:00/3:45/5:30

Eagle Eye
SM Cinema 1 12:20/2:30/4:40/6:50

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