Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Davao Internet Cafe's Up

photo shows NeBiTh Computer Systems at Central Park in Bangkal. For only P20 per hour you get to try the facilities of the first cafe in the city to feature high-end units design for hardcore gamers.

The number of Internet Cafes in Davao City has mushroomed to about 400 cafes making the Internet Cafe business not as feasible as it used to be. Of the total number, only 70 are accredited cafes and are guaranteed to be following the guidelines set by City Ordinance No. 0227-04 otherwise known as the Internet Cafe Ordinance.

The Internet Cafe Ordinance requires the procurement of a business permit before operating a cafe. It also prohibits students from playing in the cafes during class hours.

The proliferation of Internet Cafes even in subdivisions has made it difficult to monitor them, Internet Cafe Association of Davao president Yvonne Cabada said during a media forum held at SM City's cafe Rysus Tuesday.

Cabada said most of the small Internet Cafes are owned by Overseas Filipino Workers who invest in the business out of a personal need. An Internet business is more practical for OFWs as it also allows them to communicate with their families for free. However, most of them are faced with technical and operational problems.

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