Saturday, October 11, 2008

How Many Calories In Your McDonald Burger?

The various McDonalds outlets in Davao are always filled with people that I am not sure how Dabawenyos will react if their favorite McDonald outlet will shutdown in a day or two. Calories-deprived perhaps?

This is what calorie-addicts from Venezuela will feel when they visit any McDonald outlet in the country and find that all branches of the calorie-food chain has been ordered closed by the Venezuelan government for 48 hours, not for being calorie-rich but for allegedly committing tax irregularities and inconsistencies as shown in their account. There are 115 McDonald branches in Venezuela all of which have been ordered closed from Thursday to Saturday.

The closing down of McDonald, albeit for only 2 days, is not surprising considering that it is the closest you can get to Uncle Sam wherever you are and President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is a fierce critic of the United States.

There are at least five McDonalds outlet in the city---SM City, Matina, Ilustre, two in Victoria Plaza. Despite that, the joint is known for providing high amounts of calories to the Dabawenyos’ palate. Take this:

McDo Hamburger = 254.0kcal
Big Mac = 492.0kcal

Regular Fries = 207.0kcal
McDonald’s Quarterpounder with Cheese is however the runaway winner with 515kcal

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