Saturday, October 11, 2008

Davao Call Centers Not Bothered With High Agent Turnover Rate

Call Centers worldwide particularly in economic centers like Metro Manila and Cebu City may be having problems with the fast turnover of call center agents but this is not a problem among Davao City call centers.

The normal turnover rate is placed at 30 to 40 percent but the Call Center Association of the Philippines reported a higher turnover rate of 60 to 80 percent. This was however debunked by Nannete Del Mundo of Cyber City and Arlene Ozoa of the 611 Call Center operated by the JIB Career Center. De Mundo said the survey may have been based on the experiences of call centers located in congested areas like Manila and Cebu.

The fast and high turnover of call center agents is blamed on stress, pressure, irregular work hours, boredom and health reasons.

Unlike Manila and Cebu based call centers which offer extraordinary incentives to encourage the employment of more call center agents and to limit the high and fast turnover rates, Davao City call centers offer only a salary rate of P8,000 to P14,000 without such incentives.

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