Tuesday, October 14, 2008

PASG's Raid On Unioil Illogical

The legality of the raid conducted by the Philippine Anti Smuggling Group at the Unioil terminal in Mariveles, Bataan just this week is for the courts to decide. However, the logic behind the raid of Unioil as per the words of PASG head Antonio Villar is funny.

Villar was quoted on television interviews saying "ano'ng human rights violation bahala na sila dyan..." or something to that effect shows that the guy needs to attend a human rights seminar or even a basic criminal law subject to understand the intricacies of human rights and proper arrests. Moreso, this guy probably needs to be briefed on proper public relations because the way he spoke those words on television made him look like a remnant of martial law.

Based on Villar's words, the small oil companies or all oil companies for that matter should be wary when they lower their fuel prices. In short, they should always follow the prices of the other companies just like Caltex, Petron and Shell to avoid being suspected of smuggling.

Villar said the ability of Unioil to reduce fuel prices by P3 is suspect: kasi bakit sila kaya nila eh yung malalaking oil companies eh di kaya?" The logic is plain stupid. This is the same question being asked by the masses and even by the government albeit of a different tact. Why can't the big oil companies lower their fuel prices when the smaller ones can?

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