Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Most Filipino Doctors Speak English?

I was doing research for a client who owned a sophisticated cosmetic surgery center in the US and I came upon this website owned by a Filipino doctor who specializes in cosmetic surgery.

The site was promoting Asia particularly the Philippines as an aesthetic destination considering how affordable the country's cosmetic procedures are.

One of the selling points mentioned in the site is the fact that "MOST FILIPINO DOCTORS SPEAK ENGLISH". I find this line an affront not only to Filipino doctors, all of whom can presumably speak English after they have hurdled four years of College and another four years in Medical School where the medium of instruction is ENGLISH. How come the line says "Most Filipino doctors can speak English" when the presumption should be all Filipino doctors can speak English? Else, their understanding of their medical books can be pretty scary considering they are responsible for extending the lives of people based on their education.

The Philippines is known for being one of the best English-speaking countries in Asia and while education continues to be a challenge in the country I believe this competitive advantage still exists. Even the street sweepers can speak and understand English albeit not the one spoken by most academicians who are blatantly particular about every rule in the grammar books.

I remember that time when Filipinos particularly bloggers protested the slur committed by Teri Hatcher in the movie Desperate Housewives when she casually mentioned that she was just making sure that her doctor got his education anywhere but in the Philippine diploma mills or something to that effect.

Perhaps the owner of this website should edit his text. What do you think?

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