Thursday, May 8, 2008

SpeedRacer Is On!

The much-awaited film SpeedRacer (not because of any award-winning acting or production but because of the hype it has generated among kids and race-loving guys and gals) is finally showing at SM City Davao Cinemas and at Gaisano Mall Cinema. I'm not sure if NCCC Cinema will junk one of the scheduled films for this week but I also doubt they are willing to be left behind the guaranteed income from this fabulous movie.

I've watched the cartoon version of the Speedracer but the movie has definitely taken a new angle. In the cartoon version, a famous racer has been missing for a long time. He has a speed racer son named X who was already doing good in a racing school owned by his brother. here comes a neophyte racer named Speed who was apparently the missing racer's youngest son who was placed in an orphanage for his own safety. The two brothers finally meet not only in the racing line.

The movie version carries an entirely different version but this you have to find out by watching the movie.


SM Cinema 6 10:40/1:15/3:50/6:25.9:00

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