Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Movie Guide: IronMan On a 2-Week Roll

IronMan has managed to snag movie sales tickets of up to $210 million since it opened in cinemas worldwide last week. In Davao City, the Red and Gold clad modern hero is on its second week in both SM City Davao Cinema and NCCC Cinema. IronMan's boxoffice love affair maybe shortlived though as SpeedRacer is expected to open in US and other Cinemas worldwide.

Davao moviegoers will definitely have a busy time this week even sans the opening of SpeedRacer considering that Ploning (filmed in Cuyo, Palawan and starring Judy Ann Santos as a spinster waiting for the return of her man) and The Other Boleyn Girl (starring World's sexiest Scarlett Johannson and Star Wars' Queen Amidala---Natalie Portman).

The Other Boleyn Girl is a must-see for those who are yearning for very good and not just entertaining movies. It is a movie that explains how Queen Elizabeth became what she is---the other Boleyn Girl here, Portman, turns out to be the mother of Queen Elizabeth. It reveals how greed and treachery can creep even within a family even to the extent of destroying everyone in that family. Johannson's role is that of a meek sister who became King Henry's other woman. In her quest for power, Portman becomes successful in her demands to King Henry: declare his marriage null and void (as the Queen could not bear a son) and marry Portman to legalize his heir. In the end, it's all about lust, greed and the power of a woman to make a man digress from his principles.

Ploning GP

SM Cinema 2 11:50/1:40/3:30/5:20/7:10

The Other Boleyn Girl PG13

SM Cinema 5 11:40/2:00/4:20/6:40/9:00

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