Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Senators In The Wrong Job?

I was raring to write about this since last month but just did not have the time as I was awashed with other writing jobs. But hey, haven't you noticed how some of our senators seems to be holding the wrong jobs? I don't know how to say this with grammatical persuasion but take the case of these senators.

Mr. Palengke Mar Roxas seems to be at a dilemma if he continues to be Mr. Palengke or a labandera. His Tide commercial has outdone his image as the market man when he was still DTI secretary. He might be holding a business degree from Wharton but wouldn't he be better off as a labandera using Tide?

Senator Pia Cayetano may have started her political career right with her concern for sports and health but look at where she is now---selling Downy para bumango ang labada nyo!

Senator Ping Lacson admitted he does not drink alcoholic beverage so why is he endorsing this alcoholic drink the name of which escapes me? His website tags his priorities as HOPE--Health, Order, Progress, Education. he has always been a man of conflict or a conflicting man (whichever you prefer) and this time this is evident with his thrust in politics and his endorsement of an alcoholic drink which is generally bad for the health. Lacson is also endorsing a beauty clinic which is better since he does look nice and clean considering his age.

I admire Loren Legarda for her guts but I have never personally liked her. Maybe because she uses Ariel and I use Mr. Clean?

Senator Chiz Escudero should have lived up to his name by selling cheez whiz and not Chantra or whatever herbal supplement he is selling.

Senatory Manny Villar's advertising strategy is noticeable because he does not sell a product. He sells himself. Just like the S&T or Sipag and Tyaga advertisement before which personified his rise to wealth and power (I was able to interview him several years back and his business acumen is admirable). Nowadays, he sells the idea of helping the OFWs, the unsung heroes of our generation. But wouldn't it be better if he helped workers get better jobs and legal opportunities abroad rather than helping them when they have already been duped by illegal recruiters?

The 2010 national elections is still two years away but it seems our politicos have already prepared for the fight early on.

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