Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Put Smokers In Jail

Smokers should be placed in jail. The violators, that is.

It is every person's right to fill his lungs with poisonous smoke but such right is also subject to existing LAWS and other people's right to live.

I am live blogging straight from the Smart-sponsored tennis clinic being held at the SIR Tennis Court. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Smoking Ordinance violators here who smoke even if there are kids (their own kids included) around.

The Tennis Court has a canteen or mini clubhouse where the spectators and even the kids stay. Even without the ordinance banning smoking in public places, these people should have the decency and the common sense to inhibit from smoking in public especially when there are kids around and there are possibly asthmatic people around.

With the increasing number of violators around, the City government of Davao should perhaps set up Anti-Smoking Centers where concerned citizens can easily report smokers who violate the ordinance. Another idea is to appoint civilian or non-government agents who can apprehend violators.

1 comment:

Levi Delhi G. Elephant said...

I don't agree. Let's send them to the execution chamber instead.

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