Monday, January 21, 2008

Why PTA's are significant

I have never realized the importance of Parents-Teachers Associations or PTAs until now. Public schools and big private schools have PTA's to serve as a sounding board of opinions and regulate the activities or fees imposed by the school. Ateneo de Davao had so many problems but they were all voices out (most were settled) through the PTA.

Here comes one private school in Matina (which the main school near the downtown area) charging P100 for the class photos of the kids (including one 2x2 in B&W and one 4R). That's easy enough to shell out but if you know how much the prevailing rate is then you would really question the rate. Of course, the rate is pretty cheap if the studio tasked to get the class photos is Lito Sy. Otherwise, its pretty overpriced.

A group of concerned parents wrote a letter of request to the school requesting a lowering of the rates. The school in-charge talked to them saying it's too late to back out ow as they have already signed a contract with the photo studio. The parents said they can recommend other photographers (with lighting and other equipment also but cheaper) but the one in charge said it's too late. The parents were also blamed for not volunteering such information when they had a copy of the school's activity. Funny. How can the parents suggest when they were only told the price two days before the actual shoot.

One parent asked for an official receipt form the studio. The teacher said they will not issue individual receipts because they already gave a package receipt to the school. Some of those who paid ahead got a receipt all right, but not official at all. Calling BIR!

The parents were one in saying that the school should inform the parents in advance of the rates by sending them letter necessitating replies. The answer was so far negative saying some parents do not really send back replies. But that's the lookout of the parents. If they don't reply then they forfeit their right to complain.

The letter elicited a lot of reaction, most of them negative, from the school with the teachers calling the signatories one by one, now and then, to comment on the matter. Why not call a general meeting to get the consensus of the whole body?

Now, I understand why PTA's are significant.

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