Thursday, January 17, 2008

Price Of Onion Up Due To lack Of Supply From India

The price of onion, known locally as sibuyas, continues to rise even after the holidays. Traders blame the steep prices of onions to the lack of supply from India. India, one of the main exporter of onions to the world market, is experiencing heavy floods thus explaining the dwindling supply from them.

Onion used to cost P40 to P50 only last September, 2007 but increased to P100 per kilo during the Christmas season. The present market price of onion in Davao City is however between P150 to P250 depending on which market you are buying your supply from. Traders at the Mintal market are selling their onions at P2oo to P250 per kilo while those at the Bagsakan near Bankerohan market are selling onions at a cheaper (but still high) price of P140 to P180 per kilo.

Even Malaysia is complaining about the high prices of onion prompting Datuk Patrick Sindu, president of the Consumer Association of Sabah and Labuan to call for the investigation of the 100% increase in the price of onions. Onion is a controlled item in the area. Traders however cited the dwindling supply of onion from India as the culprit.

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