Friday, January 18, 2008

Smorty vs. Payperpost

There seems to be an unwritten rule that require bloggers to choose between Smorty and Payperpost. I was just wondering why all (READ: ALL) the writing opportunities I get from smorty indicate that this offer is not available for those who have payperpost articles or payperpost advertisements on their sites. Funny because prior to signing up with payperpost all the offers I got did not have that caveat.

Smorty and Payperpost are only among the few methods available to bloggers who want to monetize their blogs. Smorty pays fast but there are only few opportunities available. Aside from that, most of the opportunities are only worth $6 each. Payperpost waits for one month (I think) before they release your payment but they have varying offers. I even saw an opportunity worth $50 once but the problem here is you have to grab the offer fast (if you can catch them at all) or wait for the next one to come. There are plenty of opportunities in the site but most of them limited to those based in the US and other foreign countries.

I asked the smorty people about this and they responded saying they could not control the requirements of their advertisers. I just feel that something strange is going on here because I checked all the previous offers I got and nothing about the payperpost prohibition was indicated.

Does it mean we bloggers have to choose between Smorty and Payperpost after all?

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