Thursday, September 20, 2012

SM City Lanang takes malling to a new level with green archi

SM City’s newest premier mall in the Davao City, which is set to open on September 28 this year, takes malling to a new level with the adoption of green architecture components in the construction of the SM City Lanang Premier.

“We have installed a rain-catchment system capable of handling 550 cubic meters of water in accordance with the new city ordinance requiring a rainwater catchment system for all new constructions,” SM City Lanang Premier mall manager Clarice Lapeňa said during a press conference held at SM City Ecoland Monday, in preparation for the September 28 opening of the new mall.

Ordinance No. 0298-09, series of 2009, which mandates the proper harvest, storage and use of the city’s rainwater, was authored by former councilor Leonardo Avila. Establishments that will construct rainwater catchments in their projects are set to receive tax rebates from the government while violators will be penalized.

Avila earlier said that the rainwater catchment system will help mitigate flooding and canal erosion in the urban areas. Lapeňa said the RCS will prevent the overloading of the creek near the area.

The mall has also adopted other green architecture components such as the use of glass pavers in the open parking area. Glass pavers are considered an environment-friendly option as they are recycled from glass bottles. With proper sandblasting, the glass pavers become slip-resistant and provide maximum water absorption characteristics. The use of glass pavers in the mall’s open parking space results to minimum water run-off, Lapeňa said.

LED lights, which are more efficient and cost-effective since they last longer than the ordinary light bulbs, are used throughout the mall. Louvers were also used to deflect and block daylight, making the indoor cooling system more efficient. And to minimize the carbon monoxide emission, SM City has installed park finders in the parking lot. The gadget will help drivers maximize their fuel use as they will easily determine the availability of a parking space when there is a green light, or the red light if it is occupied.

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