Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nokia launches two units with Dual SIM

Those who want to get life’s little perks when it comes to having thousands of music, videos, dual SIM and lots and lots of Gigabytes in their mobile phones but just don’t have the cash can now smile and say---at last!

Thanks to Nokia’s two new feature-rich mobile phones, the Nokia X1-01 and the Nokia C2-00, even the regular daily wage earners will now be able to get these features in their mobile phones, which used to be available only to high-end phones that can break the bank with their prices.

I instantly fell in love with the vibrant colors sported by the Nokia X1-01 especially the Ocean Blue. But when I saw the red unit then that when the problem started because now I can’t decide which color I want. This is a petty cool cellphone which, according to Nokia Corporate Communications manager Nikka Abes, meets every consumer’s requirements when it comes to “convenience, cost savings , coverage and multi-user need.”

Nokia Xi-01 comes with up to 16GB of memory so you can store as many of your favorite music. It has an MP3 player, one-press playlist creation and stereo FM radio which sounds great to any music lover. It also comes pre-loaded with games and has a flashlight. Aside from the colors already mentioned, you can also opt for other colors like Dark Grey and Orange. And let’s not forget it has dual SIM cards and has music side keys.

The more sophisticated of the two is the Nokia C2-00 which is not only dual SIM but offers the convenience of having one of the SIM doors on the side so it’s easy to change into a third or fourth provider without opening the back of the phone considering that most SIMs are located near the battery. This unit allows internet browsing but not WiFi so you need to pay for that. The phone comes with a 32GB memory, FM radio and VGA camera.

While the Nokia X1-01 is more eye-catching than the Nokia C2-00, you will probably go for the latter since it has an audio recording feature. It also comes in so-nice Magenta and other colors like Snow White, Jet Black and Dynamic Grey.

One thing going for the two new units is its affordability, with a P1,990 price tag for the Nokia X1-01 and a P2.990 price tag for the Nokia C2-00. The phones will be available in Davao City between June and July this year.

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