Monday, July 26, 2010

Cheez Wiz launches Palamantasan in Davao City

I did not expect my trip to the Buhangin Central Elementary School last July 17 to become a trip back to my elementary school days when I lived for competitions both in essay writing and in poster making. The festive atmosphere and the excitement of the whole school can be felt even from the gates as students dressed in colorful yellow but home-made costumes move from one classroom to another, apparently getting jittery for their scheduled performances after lunch.

The occasion? The launch of Kraft Cheez Whiz Palamantasan ng Sarap. This is the first interschool competition involving grade school students nationwide, in a quest to promote nutrition education.

How about 8 million Filipino malnourished children as inspiration?

“This is actually the first time we are holding this in Davao City, alongside with the Cebu launch,” Kraft Foods Cheez Whiz senior brand manager Paolo Serrano said before the afternoon program started.

Serano said “we want the children to realize the value of nutrition in a fun way so we have prepared creative activities for them”

Students of the Buhangin Central Elementary School participated in the following Palamantasan contests with the specific winners:

Essay Writing Contest
Ella Mae Eborda ( VI-AQUAMARINE)
Jarchitecture or Jar Art
Jayson Tragura (VI) and Sherwin Lance De Leon (VI) for their SUPER CHEEZ WHIZ SANDWICH entry

Sandwich Art
Dave Forro & Mommy Debbie for their recipe PALAMANTASYA HANEP SA PAGMAMAHAL SANDWICH

Cheering Competition CHEEZ CHEERERS with the following members:
Ornalyn Caorte, Tricia Mae Palicte, Carla Dalisay, Angel Mae Manding, Shannen Valenzuela, Krizel Myke Perez, Momina Joy Fiel, Paul Joshua Alicauay, Lindon Osing and Kimberly Mesias.

Speech Choir or Sabayang Bigkas THE 6 TEAM with the following members:
Christian Galendez , Ma. Eula Concepcion Umayao, Jeather Penanueva, Mark Jame Naya, Ryca Madanio, Mechaela Mepiesa, Jessa Lou Bernal, Ivan Bishar, Angelica Coquilla, Alexandra Guitguiten, Mariel Lapitan, Lady Irish Guitguitin, Cherry May Medila, Jeelenee Jayson De Claro, Cristy Cristino, Marialyn Cabase, Jay-Ar Baliong, Angelica Nicole Manriquez, Jasper Marc Chan and Grace Joyce Padios.

“We are encouraging the different schools to Join Palamantasan so they can help promote good nutrition not only to their students but also to the people in general,” Serrano said. Most children are suffering from lack of nutrition—some are underweight while others are undernourished----and by getting their daily dose of Cheez Whiz which contains Calcium, their bones will get the necessary strengthening it requires, he added.

Parents, student and educators alike are encouraged to Make a Pledge to stay away from unhealthy foods and only serve and eat nutritious food.

Buhangin Central Elementary School principal Arturo dela Cruz said he was surprised with the turnout of the Palamantasan since he thought it was just an ordinary activity. It was rally a major event, with tarpaulins strewn all over the school.

“The first time I was told about this even by Kraft Cheez Whiz I said we will just join the easier ones like the essay writing and the sandwich art because the other competitions like Sabayang Bigkas will require more preparation,” dela Cruz said. However, he added, he was assured by the coaches that they will be able to meet the deadline so the school was able to join all the events.

Several schools nationwide have already indicated their commitment to Join Palamantasan and its various events. After all, promoting good nutrition is a very worthy endeavour and with the support of Kraft Cheez Whiz, every Palamantasan event will surely be a big hit!

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