Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gold bullion as an investment prospect.

Dabawenyos and Filipinos in general are still old-fashioned when it comes to saving their hard-earned money so the most popular option is to put money on the bank. This may be one of the safest investment option but it will take an eternity before you can even earn a decent interest rate.

Why not try to buy gold bullion? Gold is one of nature’s most precious metals and its value continuously increases through the years, making it a wise investment medium. Aside from gold, you can also opt to buy silver which is available in ingot (this is actually pure bullion silver that comes in a size and shape more convenient to the owner) or coin form. Gold is also available in both forms.

Davao is near the gold-rich district of Mt. Diwalwal in Compostela Valley and people around this area are aware of the value of gold. Gold bullion is actually nothing new to the world since it has been used as a unique investment piece even during the olden days of the Greeks and Romans.

Amassing dollars seem to be a losing proposition now considering how the value of currencies can fluctuate. If you want to preserve your purchasing power and make sure your wealth never depreciates, invest in gold bullion or even silver. Since 1990, demand for silver has continuously been more than the yearly production.

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