Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mintal Police Arrests Lechon

The headline is not April Fool's joke.

Mintal Police arrested a lechon (roasted pig) being displayed and sold in one of the stalls at the Mintal Public Market last Sunday morning.

Last Sunday's arrest was not a joke but was equally humorous considering that this is the first time for the police to arrest a roasted pig. The owner was not around when the arresting officers apprehended the lechon but the seller was left in his stall with only his butcher's knife and a few bits and pieces of the roasted pig.

An interview with the Mintal Police indicated that they got a call from the Veterinarian's Office that morning. The doctor from the Veterinarian Office sought their help apparently because the owner did not have a permit from the Veterinarian's Office and the Slaughterhouse.

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