Thursday, January 1, 2009

DatelineDavao Is PR2

It will definitely be a good 2009 for DatelineDavao after receiving a gift from Google during the first day of the year. Datelinedavao is now PR 2 from PR N/A. It's funny really considering that I haven't been posting regularly for December as I prioritized paid writing works. I did work double time on my postings for November and changed my theme recently.

I don't understand Google's PR rating myself but I know that generally a site's PR rank signifies the significance level of your site. The higher your PR, the maximum being 10, the higher the rank of your pages in the Search Engine Results Pages or SERP although online marketers believe that there are other factors that determine this.

Some say your PR rating is also determined by the number of significant links between your site and other relevant pages. Google said the PageRank is a reflection of the web pages' importance with the more important web pages getting a higher page rank greater chance to top the search results.

Whatever the standards used by Google in ranking web pages, Datelinedavao is just so happy about finally getting a PageRank--at last!

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