Friday, December 5, 2008

Kahalaan Festival Today

The various indigenous tribes of Mindanao have launched their own festivities today named "Kahalaan Festival". Kahalaan Festival is much like the Kadayawan since it is a festival of thanksgiving but only a lot smaller in scale. While the Kadayawan festival is big budgeted, the Kahalaan Festival is low profile and still unestablished.

However, while the Kadayawan Festival includes the Muslims, the Kahalaan Festival is exclusive to the Ata-Manobos, Mandaya and the Manguwangans. The festival, which is open to the public, features native handicrafts. The native houses were also transferred to the park beside the Crocodile Park in Diversion Road as part of the Festival celebration which will last up to December 27.

"December is a time for Christmas challenges and we are celebrating it here through the Festival," Festival chair Bai Norma Rivera said.
Businessman and Crocodile Park owner Phillip Dizon, who is celebrating his birthday today, said he wants to establish a partnership with the Indigenous Peoples and want them to further enrich their culture through the Village called "Tribu Kamindanawan" which is annexed to the Park.

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