Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Davao Light's Power Bill Now In Braille

The Davao Light and Power Company has taken their community relations one step forward by making available to their blind power consumers in Cebu and Davao City electric bills in Braille!

Braille is an internationally-accepted system used by visually impaired people for reading and writing. Visually-impaired people can read the bills through their fingers by passing them over the characters which have been embossed from one to six points.

The new Braille bills are expected to empower visually deficient people who can now personally read their power bills. To promote the project, a memorandum of agreement was signed between DLPC and the Resources for the Blind Incorporated. Under the MOA, RBI will provide DLPC with a list of visually-impaired consumers, print and distribute the Braille bills to the blind consumers. DLPC on the other hand will pay for the printing and delivery of the bills.

If you or someone you know is visually impaired then register with the DLPC now to avail of the Braille power bills.

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